Don’t ask me why I made this symphony – it speaks for itself.
Wynona Kent
Wynona Kent
Wynona Kent
Magical Major Music and Classical Composition
Fashion Ideals I usually let my music do the talking, but an exquisite outfit is useful, especially in dominant red.
Special Spell I can silence any opposing vocalisation.
Birthday November 27th
Best Friends My orchestral friends are always there to assist me.
Wynona Kent is a minor character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Wynona is a classical musician, and is known to be very talented. She is competitive, fierce and wise, and notorious for her pickiness. She is a natural perfectionist, and always ensures that her performances are flawless. She can be a force to be reckoned with, and if someone insults her, she will not rest until they get what they deserve. This makes Wynona a valuable ally. She also has a dislike for modern music, such as that of Talia Hewett.

Wynona is most skilled at composing music, and plays the violin. She is fond of music such as Beethoven, and can even write her own symphonies. Her performances are renowned by the student body of A.U. - even if they don’t exactly like classical music, Wynona is well-liked, but also well-feared for the same reason.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Wynona has light pink skin, dark brown hair cut into a bob, and dark hazel eyes.



Wynona’s background is extremely traditional, with her family being known for classical music. In fact, Wynona’s admittance to A.U. caused some rifts in her family.


Wynona is usually seen with her friends from the A.U. Orchestral Society – Lorena Smythe, Lennox Draper and Juniper Hastings.

Otherwise, within A.U. she does not make friends as such, but allies instead.


Wynona is very career-focused, and does not have romantic interest.


  • Wynona was unveiled as an exclusive early release for the Be Undeniable campaign on February 28th 2015.


Wynona's special spell is that she can turn any sound silent by using this spell:

Air's too small to fit two sounds, take the other, shut it down!

Wynona Kent
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