Longest selfie stick I own is about three meters long. Only for emergencies, of course.
Veronica Edison
Veronica Edison
Veronica Edison
Magical Major Media
Fashion Ideals My style is just day-to-day glam - that’s always in the picture.
Special Spell I can use all digital devices in range to send out a message.
Birthday January 17th
Best Friends If you’ve been in a selfie with me, count yourself as a good friend.
Veronica Edison is a minor character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Veronica is a very chatty, friendly and sociable student. She is the most frequent user of the AU-exclusive social network MagiSpace, and has the most friends there, but she also is very good at socialising with real people face-to-face. She is ever the opportunist, finding the perfect time for a selfie with friends, and sending out important messages. In-universe, Veronica is in charge of much of AU’s social media output, in a more student-savvy way than that of an authority figure would. Out-of-universe, Veronica manages the AU Tumblr blog, where she posts updates on special events. She has an extensive knowhow on media and modern technology, and she is always up to date with news around AU and around the world.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Veronica has shoulder-length dyed near-platinum blonde hair (naturally light brown), hazel eyes and pale-pinkish skin.



Veronica has four siblings who she keeps in touch with on a regular basis via videochat.


Veronica has a lot of friends…and not just on her MagiSpace profile. She loves to socialise with other students and have a laugh. She doesn’t have any best friends, because she has that many who could be!


Veronica is very streetwise with dating, she knows what sets off a warning sign. Nonetheless, she’s willing to shop around before she finds the one for her.


Veronica's special spell is being able to send a digital message around all devices in range by using this spell:

Here’s a message, needs a shout, take this message, send it out!

Veronica Edison
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