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Sometimes my morning latte is the only thing that understands me. Until I drink it, that is.
Verity Helbrook
Verity Helbrook
Verity Helbrook.png
Magical Major Hmm...this is a difficult one. I sort of try for everything.
Fashion Ideals I just randomly pick things from the thrift store, and if it works, it works.
Special Spell I'm known to switch things to their opposite - as the only student to argue black's white and be right.
Birthday October 21st.
Best Friends Do I look like the type who makes friends?

Verity Helbrook is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Verity is unsocial and quite an outsider to the other students. Her personality is usually deadpan and unattentive, and often does not listen to most people. Though she is not intentionally malicious, she can often come across as judgemental, mean and irascible. Undoubtedly, Verity can be snarky, but she can be sympathetic and helpful when the worst happens.

Her interests are known to drift from one interest to the next, including journalism, poetry, film-making or just sitting around drinking coffee. Verity could be categorised as a hipster, since she does not share the same interests as other people and is prone to abandoning a topic when it becomes popular. 

Appearance and Style[]

Verity has pinkish-tanned skin, dark red eyes and dark brown hair



Verity has a close friendship with her family, and are the only people she trusts.


Verity is known as an outsider to the others, and does not engage in typical friendships. She was jealous of Sienna Melworth who got a place on the Bartlett Bindings team, and sabotaged the interns' efforts. 


Verity is pansexual and often changes her mind about romantic interests.


  • Verity carries a copy of VeriFAB magazine - the girl on the cover is Arienna Jenkins from Breanna's other IP Epic Girls.


Verity’s special spell is that she can reverse something to its' opposite, just by reciting this spell:

Light to dark and slow to swift, switch them round and change the gift!

Verity Helbrook