Valeri Sewell is a student at Absolutely University.

Official profile descriptionEdit

Social butterfly Valeri is a master of style, known for her ambitious fashion choices and hairstyles. She’s willing to talk to anyone that needs a conversation, is a self-confessed selfie addict and has a penchant for pranks and match-making. However, don’t get too surprised to see her take on too much at once - she does that a lot.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Valeri is very much a social student who loves to interact with people and make friends. She has a liberal outlook on life and is generally a playful and carefree person. She enjoys pranking her friends, but has deep consideration for their feelings as well. One of her main habits is matchmaking - she loves to pair up students, even if sometimes it's not the best thing to do. A huge habit of hers is taking on lots of different projects at once - to the point where she'll get too busy and lose it. In this state she can be more irascible and prone to screaming. However, she has got a lot better at handling this and only bites what she can chew.

Her main skill is in fashion design. She is known across AU for always wearing something that makes a bold statement. She knows how to work a sewing machine and create incredibly complex fashion garments. Not only that, but she also has a good grasp on business and how to sell the garment after making it. She is also a fan of interior design as well as fashion design, wanting to make her dorm room look gorgeous - but sometimes she doesn't consult her friends about some of her creative decisions. She is also active on social media, and loves to take selfies to post on MagiSpace, where she's one of the most favourited users.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Valeri has tanned skin, hazel eyes and naturally very dark brown hair - however, she frequently changes her hairstyle, though during the day her hair is usually dip-dyed blue. She has a more mature and ambitious style, featuring crop tops and lace-up boots amongst other things.



Valeri was raised by two gay dads. She also knows her biological mother and has a good relationship with her. In fact, there is absolutely zero tension between her fathers and her mother, which Valeri is very happy about. Her grandmother Barbara (or 'Barb' for short) is one of Valeri's favourite people; she used to work in the magical world herself, in the historical preservation society for the original AU.


Valeri is a socially liberal and accepting person, and can pretty much make friends with anyone put in front of her, though many people want to be friends with her because she's fashionable (which she doesn't necessarily resent, though she values her true friends most of all)

Her three best friends are her roommates Norah Cardew, Marley Leverson and Sienna Melworth. She enjoys pulling pranks on them, giving them advice and finding them dates, but most importantly, she loves designing clothes for them to wear. She's particularly close to Marley even though she doesn't care as much about fashion, as they both have a penchant for mischief.

She has one other best friend - Brett Meyer-Wolfe. The two of them are thick as thieves and both share an interest in gossip and fashion, though Valeri is more invested in the latter. Valeri also has a good friendship with Brett's boyfriend Devin Chung. On campus, she is a good friend of Saffron Corlett, and is a frequent visitor of her boutique.

In her fashion textiles course, she is friends with her classmates Alessia Goodall, Sonali Dugar and Cecilia Morano. Out of the three of them, Valeri is closest to Cecilia as they share a more avant-garde and bold approach, whereas Alessia prefers to stay classic, and Sonali is quite focused on being 'pretty'. Nonetheless Valeri is still friends with Alessia and Sonali.


Valeri identifies as bisexual and is the most forward of her roommates in romantic terms. However, she also values monogamy and wishes to get married one day (on the beach, of course). She is happy to date and have a little fun, but she wants to one day settle down with a Mr or Miss Right - she's just not sure when she wants to do that.


Valeri made her first episode appearance in Roomies in a main speaking role. Here are all the episodes she has appeared in:


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