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Her original fashion is worn in the episodes as her regular school outfit. It consists of a dark blue jacket which has sleeves that go to her elbows, and royal blue linings at both the collar and shoulder areas. The jacket goes over a light powder blue tee-shirt, which is a quarter-sleeve (under the jacket). She also wears a golden double chain necklace. Her belt is gold with a black bow as a buckle, and she wears a pair of royal blue fingerless gloves. Her skirt is a puffball skirt, and is in stripes of two shades of blue - a light powder blue and a grey-blue. The stripes go diagonally, and the skirt goes down to her knees. She wears a pair of dark blue ankle boots with gold soles, heels and zippers. She carries around a translucent powder blue folder with a royal blue outline and handles, which reads 'Fashion Designs by Valeri' on the front.

Valeri wears dark blue eye make-up and mauve-taupe lipstick. Her hair is vividly curly and goes down to her shoulder blades. At the back of her hair there are dark blue streaks.


She wears a white blouse-shirt, revealing cleavage, with a medium blue crop-top with lace patterning and a grey zipper down the middle. She wears a gold bundled necklace. Below her crop-top she wears a grey corset-cincher, with lighter bows down the front. She wears a dual-layer skirt, the front layer is dark blue, the back layer is dark brown-grey. She wears dark brown tights with stripe reveals on the thighs. Her boots are dark blue with gold eyelets and accents, as well as a belt around the ankle with a gold buckle.

Valeri wears gold eye make-up and deep pink lipstick. Her hair is cut shortly into a layered square cut that usually goes down to her shoulders, with blue streaks on the right side.

Valeri Sewell