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You may be looking for the 2016 version of this character.

I just got a shipment of UV colour change faux fur all the way from Japan! :D
— Valeri Sewell

Valeri Sewell (2013)
Valeri Sewell - Glam artwork.png
Magical Major Textiles and Fashion Design
Fashion Ideals Practically my forte. I have an ever-changing style - it really does depend on the mood I'm in!
Special Spell I'm an expert matchmaker. My spell is fitting, as I can match up literally anything.
Birthday April 1st
Best Friends Norah Cardew, Marley Leverson and Sienna Melworth.

Valeri Sewell (2013)
Valeri Sewell 2.0.png
Magical Major Textiles and Fashion Design
Fashion Ideals My style is still ever-changing, but you can be assured it’s 100% my design, 100% totally undeniable!
Special Spell Matchmaking is still in the mix – I’m matching odd socks and new couples every day!
Birthday April 1st
Best Friends Norah Cardew, Marley Leverson and Sienna Melworth.

Valeri Sewell is a lead character in the Absolutely U. franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Valeri is sassy, rebellious and confident, with an eager eye for new students. She is quick-witted and quirky, even described as out-there, with a bold imagination and a taste for fashion. She is also spunky and ambitious, as well as very resillient, always making sure she lives up to her promises.

Valeri's main qualities are her talents in fashion design - which is noted throughout the series, and in canon, she designs all of her friends outftis. She has the best sewing machine in AU, which breaks boundaries in her fashion design. Her other quality is her unique vernacular, her U-Speak. She often uses self-created terms, which are used colloquially in the series itself. Valeri is outrageous, daring and bold with a lot of ideas in her head.

Appearance and Style[]

Valeri usually has black hair which is streaked in assorted colours (usually blue), hazel eyes and tanned skin. She often switches around her look and is seldom seen in 'normal' clothing, as she wears mainly her own designs. She usually wears pleather, denim, stripes and hair streaks.



Valeri is mentioned to be an only child, the only one of the main four to not have siblings. She has a 'crazy' grandmother named Barbara (or Barb for short).


Valeri's dorm mates and best friends are Norah Cardew, Marley Leverson and Sienna Melworth. She is great friends with them and often designs outfits for them to wear. A friend of hers is Saffron Corlett who works in the Invanda Boutique. Her best male friend is Brett Wolfe, and they often hang out.

She is frenemies with Priya Watson, and gets regularly annoyed with her. She also has a rivalry with Cassidy Stone.


Valeri seems to be quite the flirt, as she has an interest in boys. 


  • Brooke's nickname for Valeri is 'Rainbow Drop' due to her hair streaks


Valeri's special spell is that she can find the perfect match to anything just by reciting this spell:

Nuts and bolts and gears and screws, pick a match that they would choose!

Valeri Sewell