Absolutely U Wiki

The Hewlick company uPad is a piece of equipment used exclusively in Absolutely University. It is an interactive tablet computer, in which the user can do endless things with.


The uPad has many different functions and features to it.

  • Calling functions - it has a microphone and earphones included so that the user can call and text someone as if it were a mobile phone.
  • Skype app - this app is a version of Skype in which it has a connection around the school, where you can video chat with someone. It also connects to any uPad, even if they aren't in AU. This is evident as former student Charlotte Cardew seems to still have her uPad to skype her sister (and current student) Norah.
  • Virtual Office - students have this automatically loaded on their U-Pad so that they can type up work (Word), make presentations (Powerpoint), spreadsheets (Excel), databases (Access), newspapers and brochures (Publisher) and more.
  • Printing connection - they have an instant connection field to any printer, so that they can print off homework tasks direct from Virtual Office.
  • App Market - students can buy apps here. The different apps include:
    • Newspapers - students can buy newspapers from around the globe.
    • Games - students can buy a wide range of games, puzzles and quizzes, such as Wordsearch Wonders, Crush Muffin Trilogy and AU Quiz-A-Day
    • Books - students can take a look at many different books such as novels, textbook and even a free online copy of The Great Spellbook, complete with blank pages at the back.
  • Full internet services - students can access the internet free on this feature. There is even a zone of internet connection, so throughout AU there is always wi-fi.
  • HD Camera - so that the students can take pictures and send them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


The uPad is a curved rectangle shape which is backed with a colour (depending on the character).


  • The uPad is a pastiche of the iPad.
  • Crush Muffin Trilogy is a pastiche of Candy Crush Saga (and possibly the other 'Saga' games by King.com)