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Thursday, February 5th Welcome! The official Absolutely U. blog is now in session. Watch out for totally RAD content relating to our 2015 campaign. Oh yes, and don’t forget to #beundeniable ;D N/A
Saturday, February 7th The students don’t know what the future holds for them…but does this one? #beundeniable
Saturday, February 14th Romance is totally unpredictable, and these two could be the newest couple at A.U. - but who are they? Happy Valentine's Day! #beundeniable
Friday, February 20th Even in a busy year at A.U, it’s always certain that the student body president will be in trend. #beundeniable
Tuesday, February 24th The journalist, the fast-finisher and the trendsetter. New and improved for 2015. #beundeniable
Thursday, February 26th Magic never looked this glam. #beundeniable https://www.youtube.com/embed/iMWJnhuXviQ
Thursday, February 26th The students have their talents on point. We know that Sunday will #beundeniable
Friday, February 27th No denial about it, this Sunday’s colour is A.U. purple. #beundeniable
Saturday, February 28th The magic returns tomorrow. Upon command of A.U. authority you do not want to miss it… #beundeniable
Saturday, February 28th Yes, we did. One of the new characters has been unveiled exclusively on the Absolutely U. Wiki. She’s waiting for you now, and she doesn’t like being kept waiting. #beundeniable
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Saturday, February 28th Wynona Kent is our exclusive early release character. Check her out at the Absolutely U. Wiki #beundeniable
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Sunday, March 1st IT'S HERE. #beundeniable
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Tuesday, March 17th St Patrick’s Day at A.U. is especially lucky. Don’t get too jealous of our students - they know how to rock green for sure. Happy St Patrick’s Day! #beundeniable
Saturday, May 30th Opposites definitely attract at A.U. Meet Erin Hart and Talia Hewett from Absolutely U.
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Thursday, December 31st N/A