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Tucker Gray is a student at Absolutely University.

Official profile description[]

It’s easy to say that Tucker is the friendliest guy on the AU football team. He always thinks positive even when it seems that there’s no way out, and is open to new ideas. He’s known to always make his friends laugh even after a bad game, but though he’s a pro on the field, he struggles when learning magic, but his friends are eager to help him get better.

Personality and Skills[]

Unlike many of the other members of the AU football team, Tucker is not in any way bigoted, suspicious or patronizing. In fact, he is one of the most friendliest guys at AU, and he's both kind and respectful. One thing that is distinctive about him is that he makes his friends laugh, and he knows how to cheer them up even on a bad day. He may be light-hearted on this front, but without a doubt he is a hard worker on the field and wants to do the best that he can. He can sometimes get self-conscious about the fact that he isn't so good at learning magic.

Tucker's main skill is in sports and athletics. He is impressively agile, strong and fast, and has a good awareness of keeping to rules and regulations. One of his main weaknesses is studying magic, as he isn't as good at it as he is with sports, though he wants to be. With help, he is getting better and also getting more confident with his magical abilities.

Appearance and Style[]

Tucker has tanned skin, light brown eyes and medium brown hair. Tucker usually wears casual clothing fit for use when participating in sports or athletics, such as tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie.



Tucker's family comes from both a sporting and magical background. Whereas his mother is a doctor in the magical world, his father was a medalist at a prominent athletic competition in the normal world. However, he had used magic to cheat in getting his medal, which he is regretful of, though he wasn't spotted because the event had no knowledge of magic.

He also has three sisters.


Tucker is popular among the student body for his position on the football team.

He is friendly with his teammates, who admire him for his genuinely good nature and excellent ability. However, Tucker doesn't particularly trust them as he sees much of the team as bigoted and debatable in their natures. He tries to keep an amiable relationship with quarterback and captain Brock Ragan but he does not see him as a true friend.

One member of the team that he is very good friends with is Marley Leverson. In fact, Tucker was the one to help her get onto the team, supporting her because of her incredible ability - though the two also have a good rapport.

However, Tucker's best friend is not on the football team - but rather is Lance Ollison, who is not at all sporty. Lance often tutors Tucker in magic, and through this have built up a friendship, where they can also hang out when outside of tutoring, as well as Lance supporting him in his football games.


His friendship with Marley is often presumed to be romantic, however this is not the case. Tucker and Marley are just good friends (at least that's what they both say).


Tucker is yet to make his first appearance in media.


Tucker Gray (2016)
You may be looking for the 2013 version of this character.