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Sometimes everybody needs to just slow down. Occasionally.
Tucker Gray (2013)
Magical Major Sports
Fashion Ideals When it comes to my hobbies, comfort is a major priority!
Special Spell I can slow things down...if needs be.
Birthday 16th March
Best Friends Lance Ollison and Marley Leverson

Tucker Gray is a recurring character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Tucker is witty, out-there and ambitious - he's got a lot of talent and aspirations. He's also quite suave, light-headed and rebellious, even a bit foolish, but he always means well. He's got plenty of school spirit, and is loyal to his school and team.

Tucker is skilled at sporting activities, his favourite being American Football, though he is also skilled at Rugby, Baseball and other sports. He does not have very good academic achievements, but what he doesn't have in grades he makes up for in personality. He's not afraid to have a laugh once in a while, and always helps his friends get cheered up when they're down. He's also quite a ladies man and often takes girls out for dates, but he's mostly on the playing field for football practice!

Appearance and Style[]

Tucker has tanned skin, short brown hair and brown eyes. He usually wears more sporty and casual outfits such as hoodies and sneakers, which he wears for his sports training. He is sometimes seen with a black AU headband on when he is jogging.



Tucker's parents are both Olympic medalists, and he has three sisters.


Tucker is quite popular among the students. He is best friends with Lance Ollison, as he helps Tucker with his academic work. He is also very good friends with Marley Leverson (see 'Romance')

Tucker is also good friends with Norah Cardew, Sienna Melworth, Valeri Sewell, Brooke Barton, Priya Watson and Quinn Lawson.


Tucker is quite the ladies man, and often goes on dates with girls.

However, he has a complicated love-hate relationship with Marley Leverson - he is developing a crush on her just as she is crushing on him. But they're both in denial, even though it's obviously going to happen.


  • Brooke's nickname for Tucker is 'Protein'.


Tucker's spell is that he can slow anything down just by reciting this spell:

Don't go faster than a gale, slow it right down like a snail!

Tucker Gray (2013)