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The First Day of Absolutely U. is the first episode in the 2016 Absolutely U. series. It is the first of three 'pilot episodes' as part of a mini-season named The Beginning, which depicts the Norah's first day at Absolutely University.


Science prodigy Norah Cardew arrives at Absolutely University, and soon realizes that not everything is as it seems when she discovers something special about her new university.

Featured characters[]

(Characters in bold have speaking parts - In order of appearance)

  1. Charice Glendale
  2. Brooke Barton
  3. Priya Watson
  4. Ingrid Tillett
  5. Norah Cardew
  6. Quinn Lawson
  7. Orienna Jefferson


Panoramic shot of campus

ANNOUNCER: Welcome to Absolutely University.

Closer shot of the magic building

ANNOUNCER: A unique university which encourages students to enhance their talents and follow their dreams.

CUT TO – Charice planting seeds into soil
CUT TO – Brooke serving Priya with a cup of coffee
CUT TO – Ingrid practicing hurdles as several students watch

ANNOUNCER: And this is Norah Cardew, one of many new students at AU. She’ll soon discover that not everything is as she expects. Oh, here she comes now!

NORAH: So this is it. Absolutely University.

She opens the letter.

NORAH: “You have been chosen to attend our prestigious university.”

She looks at the picture on the letter, which she removes to reveal the real building.

NORAH: Wait a second – “University of Magic”? That can’t be right. Well, one thing’s for sure, it’s one very nice building.

QUINN: (from behind) It sure is.

NORAH: *gasps* Oh my, I didn’t notice you there!

QUINN: Sorry about that. I should probably know better than to surprise people like that, but I guess I’m just a surprising person all around. You must be Norah.

NORAH: Yes, I must be. I mean, I am. Wait a second, you know who I am?

QUINN: Sure do.

NORAH: And you are...

QUINN: Quinn Lawson, student body president of AU. Great to meet you, Norah.

NORAH: And a pleasure to meet you. Wow, student body president must be a pretty big role.

QUINN: It’s certainly a big deal here. A lot of paperwork.

NORAH: Sounds like it.

QUINN: You’re here for orientation, right?

NORAH: Right. Who is that with exactly?

QUINN: Usually we’d get someone from the student council to do it, but I’m taking this one. *looks at watch* And we’re good to go, right now. Follow me into the magic building.

NORAH: I’m right behind you. Haha, ‘magic building’.

CUT TO – Inside the magic building

QUINN: This is the magic building, and here you’ll find a lot of students-

NORAH: Hold on a minute. There’s something bothering me – why is it called the magic building? Is that like a term of endearment? Like a way of saying, “you’re all magical and special and wonderful and you’ll go on to great things”-

QUINN: No, Norah. It’s called the magic building because this is where students study magic.

NORAH: You have to be kidding. *pause* You’re not kidding, are you?

QUINN: Norah, this is a magical institute, the first one in a very long time. Absolutely University is a magical university, for talented students just like you. Not only are we fully modern and technologically capable, but we study the art of magic and channel it through various fields. Not only do you graduate with your normal degree – you’re a chemistry student, right?

NORAH: Yes...I think so...

QUINN: Not only that, but you’ll gain a magical license. Amazing, right?

NORAH: It’s insane! Magic is real? I mean, it’s magic! It just can’t be real.

QUINN: It’s very real. Look.

Quinn summons a magical flame and fires it upwards, creating a snow shower.

NORAH: *examines snow* What in the...? You’re kidding me... *breathes heavier*

QUINN: Are you okay, Norah?

NORAH: Okay? You’re asking me if I’m okay? Of course I’m not okay! The entirety of my scientific knowledge has been ripped into tiny little pieces! Every reaction, every equation, every single theory is just null and void. I mean, how can magic – magic for Tesla’s sake – be real in the modern scientific world?

QUINN: Norah, just calm down for a minute.

NORAH: Calm dow-

Quinn puts Norah under a mute spell.

QUINN: Don’t worry. There’s a perfect explanation for magic. There’s even a science to it.

Norah is trying to speak frantically but no sound is coming out.

QUINN: Aside from explaining the complex ecosystem of it all, science and magic are pretty much in perfect harmony. And magic is all around us – you just can’t tell it’s there most of the time. Hold on-

Quinn removes Norah’s mute spell.

QUINN: Sorry about that.

NORAH: But what about real science? Surely magic makes it all obsolete.

QUINN: Don’t panic. Even with magic, all of your regular science is still as real as it was five minutes ago. Gravity still exists, All your electricity, quantum mechanics, chemical reactions, spontaneous combustion-

NORAH: Don’t tell me...

QUINN: Yes, Norah, spontaneous combustion is very real.

NORAH: Hey, if magic can be real, anything can happen.

QUINN: Haha, I guess so. By the way, this is my first real orientation, so if I make any mistakes, you can totally blame me for it later.

NORAH: You’re way more qualified at this than I am, so it can’t be that bad. So, what I’m dying to know is did you get jealous of all those lucky, lucky council members and wanted a go at orientation yourself?

QUINN: Haha, you’d be surprised to hear this, but no. I specifically asked for you.

NORAH: Specifically...that makes me feel oddly desirable.

QUINN: Yeah, let’s just say you’re special.

NORAH: Well that’s going to bug me for a while. ‘Special’...that’s pretty unnerving.

QUINN: I know that feeling. People got really sceptical about AU because I also happen to be the Dean’s daughter, whose uncle owns the company that runs the university. It’s a pretty shaky feeling knowing that you’re ‘special’.

NORAH: Can I get a hint to why I’m so special?

QUINN: I got intel from some special sources. Oh, speaking of which. Orienna, over here!

Orienna comes over to Quinn.

ORIENNA: You called? Oh, you must be Norah.

NORAH: Wow, another person knows me. I mean, yes that’s me.

QUINN: This is Orienna Jefferson.

ORIENNA: I’m the Secretary of Student Activity. I keep track of all of the goings on in AU.

QUINN: Her mom also owns the biggest magical technology company in the entire magical world, Jefferson Tech.

NORAH: Magical tech. That sounds like an interesting industry.

ORIENNA: I’m like the guinea pig. I have to test out all of the new devices, like this new J-Watch.

J-WATCH: Twenty restaurants found under the name of ‘Rudy Vices’.

ORIENNA: *sighs* Still haven’t gotten to grips with it yet.

QUINN: She’s also a clairvoyant.

ORIENNA: Please don’t...

QUINN: Some people are born with magical powers called Spellities. They’re like, 1 in 1000 rare amongst babies born with exposure to the magical world.

ORIENNA: One of the reasons why I’m Secretary of Student Activity.

NORAH: Well, it was wonderful to meet you, Orienna. And by the way, I love your hair.

ORIENNA: Thanks. Yours too.

QUINN: You just reminded me, I’ve still got to give you your U-Pad. Another amazing invention from Jefferson Tech.

NORAH: Wow, this thing is nice.

QUINN: I know right! They were specifically designed for use at AU. These bad boys are amazing. This contains your schedule and your campus map, so you’ll know where to go for your courses. You’ll have classes here and at USTEAM, which is just over there.

Quinn points over to the right.

NORAH: That’ll be very useful. I’ll need to know where I’m going obviously. You never know, I might stumble upon another world-shattering discovery.

QUINN: It also has important events, *points at app* MagiSpace, that’s our social networking site, and tons of cool stuff. You can even play Bubble Darts.

NORAH: Nice.

QUINN: All your classrooms and lecture theatres are coloured in on your campus map too. Saves me a job.

NORAH: I expected that somewhere. Can’t let you do all the work, can we?

The two laugh.

QUINN: We’ve got one last stop – we’re going over there-

Quinn points out of the door and over to two cube-shaped buildings.

QUINN: Those are the Blocks. And that is where you’ll be staying.

NORAH: What are the Blocks?

QUINN: I’ll show you. Don’t worry, we’re not kidnapping you and keeping you in an iron box. These are nice blocks. Just follow me.

CUT TO – outside of Blocks
CUT TO – outside the dorm room, on the corridor

QUINN: Here we are. Dorm 15. This is where you’ll be sleeping of course, but also there’s a computer in there, a small kitchenette, some space for your stuff, and you’ll receive mail here.

NORAH: Can’t you just do that with the U-Pad? Surely it has a messaging system?

QUINN: It does, and we do send out messages through the U-Pad. But sometimes we like to send out letters for formal events. Fancy, right?

NORAH: Very fancy.

QUINN: Your bags are already inside. Oh, and your roommates are in there too. Looks I’ve gotta bounce now. See you later, Norah!

Quinn leaves the corridor.

NORAH: Roommates? Looks like I’ve got some new...friends...

Norah puts her hand on the door handle.


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