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Don't underestimate the power of a DJ booth - it's more powerful than you think.
Talia Hewett
Talia Hewett
Talia Hewett - Determined artwork.png
Magical Major Music
Fashion Ideals My electro-glam style is always on point, even if it does look messy at times.
Special Spell I can amplify my voice, like, really loudly. It helps for all of the special announcements.
Birthday March 21st.
Best Friends Me and Erin Hart are definitely best of friends.

Talia Hewett is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

At first glance, Talia looks to be rebellious, sassy and outrageous, especially when she’s playing music at a party. However, behind all of that she’s sweet, kind and helpful, especially to people with ambition. She has a mind for change, so she always looks to make things better, and has a passion for music, especially dubstep and electro.

Talia is an excellent DJ who sometimes goes by the name DJ 2-it. She has a good skill in picking good songs to mix, and often switches the tempo and pitches of songs to make the perfect combination. She is usually seen at her DJ decks, effortlessly pushing buttons and turning dials, then headbanging to the song. Often, her appearances are accompanied with flashing lights.

Appearance and Style[]

Talia has dark auburn hair with black lowlights, green eyes and tanned skin. 



Talia is mentioned to be estranged from her family, as they were from classical backgrounds and did not like her interest in dubstep.


Talia is good friends with all of the students, and is best friends with Erin Hart. The two bond well even though their interests are stark contrasts.


Talia is quite the flirt, and always takes requests...in songs, that is. However, she is in a relationship with best friend Erin Hart.


Talia's spell is that she can amplify her voice for all to hear, just by reciting this spell:

"Speak it, speak it, loud and clear, amplify for all to hear!"

Talia Hewett