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#StudySquad is the second fashion line to be introduced in the 2016 incarnation of Absolutely U.


#StudySquad is based upon each of the four main characters (all of which are featured in this line) experiencing a class in their non-magical majors.

Official description[]

Get ready to meet your new #StudySquad! Each student has their own non-magical major in which they study their passions. Norah's in the chemistry lab working on an epic experiment - one thing she's perfected, however, is her smart-chic style, with a cute sweater, adorable collar-and-tie shoes and of course a lab coat and goggles. Marley is out on the field and ready to run in her athletics class. A fierce athlete needs a fierce style to match, with a perfectly on-trend hoodie and trousers perfect to move in. Oh, and not forgetting those killer kicks! Sienna is styled ready to write up a storm in her creative writing class. She looks delightful in her detailed top and jacket, with cute stockings and a perfectly patterned skirt, not forgetting her always-chic hat. And Valeri is in her fashion textiles class, designing an amazing look. She always looks on point with her glam black leggings and skirt (with matching phone case) - not to mention her amazing new hairstyle. These girls are ready to get their study on, and they look amazing doing it.


There are four characters in the #StudySquad line.