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Spells are a huge plot element in Absolutely U. 


Spells and magic are used in Absolutely University and is described as only for those who will do 'great things'. They are used for everyday challenges, and are intended to make the world a better place. However, they also bring great personal advantage to the user, if used correctly. In the 2013 canon, the formula of a spell usually consists of a rhyme, which is recited. In the 2016 canon, this does not happen and the spell is chosen by the user using

Rules of Spell Use[]

In the official school rules, it is stated to NEVER use magic (and therefore spells) in the outside world, as it is sacred and cannot be handled by those who only want it for more selfish personal advantages. It would also reveal the school as magical, which would cause grave danger. Another rule is to never abuse magic, as it is again sacred and, although infinite, it can leave the user at its' own will if used in vain. One example that is given is using it to cheat during competitions, which is severely punished with detention.

Spells in class[]

There are a number of different spell classes, including those suited to grades (with advanced classes for more skilled students) and specialised subjects. All students are permitted to take a spell class for generalised spells at the student's respecive prediction levels.

The special spell[]

In the 2013 canon, each student gets a special spell at their 'scholarship inaugration' which gives them an instant ability. This spell helps them out with their lives, and only those who learn it in classes can use it other than the student given the spell. Since there are at least a thousand students in AU, it is unknown if there are repetition of special spells throughout the student body, though Quinn Lawson said that the spell book is always updating itself with new spells, so it is unlikely that a student will have the same special spell as another.


Special spells been phased out as of the 2016 canon. Instead, certain students are born with magical abilities named spellities. This is incredibly rare, and so far the only AU student to have one is Orienna Jefferson.

The Great Spellbook[]

This spellbook is given to all of the students at the start of their stay at AU. It is shown to be indestructable, and always seems to come back everytime a student attempts to throw it away. It contains hundreds of thousands of spells used in the Absolutely U universe.

Mystery of the Blank Pages[]

The mystery of the blank pages relates to the fact that in the spellbook, after the spells finish, there is a set of blank pages. This is a mystery that students will have to try and solve, and the one who does will 'gain great power in the world'.

Spells list (2013)[]

(Note: the character in parentheses next to the spell possesses this spell as their special spell)

  • Activation spell - can activate a machine - Green light on, figure of eight, turn the key and activate! (Norah Cardew)
  • Amplification spell - makes voice louder temporarily - Speak it, speak it, loud and clear, amplify for all to hear! (Talia Hewett)
  • Attention spell - diverts all attention to the user - I'm the who that they should see, make the whole crowd turn to me! (Priya Watson)
  • Blocking spell - blocks spells from affecting user - Kick the shock, now to block!
  • Clairvoyance spell - tells the next day's future - Wonder what's the buzz tomorrow, tell me what to stop my sorrow! (Orienna Jefferson)
  • Colour change spell - changes colour of item - Happy hues or shades of grey, let the colour change it's way! (Erin Hart)
  • Compass spell - points way to chosen destination - Lost in a mess I need to place, lead me to (insert destination here) with a smile on my face!
  • Darkness spell - creates an aura of darkness - Laying low in brighter spaces, darken so it blurs our faces!
  • Dancing spell - gives the user a dancing talent - Right and left is hard to do, help me dance so I can too!
  • Deactivation spell - can deactivate a machine - Red light on, down you go, deactivate the current flow! (Harvin Harding)
  • Definition spell - can issue a definition - What's it mean and what's it say, tell us what it means that way! (Helena Corduroy)
  • Duplication spell - can clone an object once - One is good but two is more, duplicate and fill the store! (Cassidy Stone)
  • Fashionable spell - turns a bad outfit good - Can't wear an outfit looking vile, switch the moods and give it style! (Saffron Corlett)
  • Growth spell - initiates growth in an organism - For this life retain a flow, let it thrive and let it grow! (Charice Glendale)
  • Grammar spell - corrects incorrect grammar and spelling - Letter a or letter z, see what grammar it should be! (Gwen Bartlett)
  • Healing spell - removes illness - For the illness here today, make the symptoms go away! (Dana Kinder)
  • Intention spell - can show a person's true intention - Good or evil, nice or not, show intentions true to spot! (Sienna Melworth)
  • Invisibility spell - turns user invisible temporarily - Here or there, where could I be, blur me out so you can't see!
  • Jumping spell - makes user jump higher - Bouncing, bouncing, from the floor, raise the height so I jump more! (Ingrid Tillett)
  • Kindness spell - turns evil people and creatures nice - Full of wrath to full of glee, make this one be nice to me! (Ronnie Hewer)
  • Levitation spell - levitates user temporarily - Let me soar up to the sky, spread my wings and let me fly!
  • Light spell - creates an aura of light - I can't see what's in this place, let there be light to fill this space!
  • Matching spell - can find a perfect match for anything - Nuts and bolts and gears and screws, pick a match that they would choose! (Valeri Sewell)
  • Message spell - transmits a chosen message to all digital devices in range - Here’s a message, needs a shout, take this message, send it out! (Veronica Edison)
  • Mist spell - creates an aura of mist - Misty mornings, foggy nights, create some fuzz so we're alright! (Dawn Revell)
  • Order spell - creates a good order or format - Sides and sizes laying well, make an order so it's swell! (Nina Tamphery)
  • Pathway spell - clears pathways - Take the block and throw it west, clear the path so we'll be fast!
  • Positivity spell - makes recipient happier - Being sad will bring you down, make them smile and turn it round! (Dexter Korrick)
  • Randomizer spell - chooses a random result for an activity - Having a choice can get things done, but making it random’s much more fun! (Brett Wolfe)
  • Repair spell - repairs broken objects - Shattered glass or fabric tear, fix the problem and repair! (Lance Ollison)
  • Reversing spell - reverses the effect of things to their opposites - Light to dark and slow to swift, switch them round and change the gift! (Verity Helbrook)
  • Riddler spell - solves a riddle - The puzzle here is far from fun, make this riddle come undone! (Madelyn Welch)
  • Silence spell - can make anyone's vocalisation silent (including their own) - Air's too small to fit two sounds, take the other, shut it down! (Wynona Kent)
  • Slowing spell - can slow down anything - Don't go faster than a gale, slow it right down like a snail! (Tucker Gray)
  • Speed spell - can speed up anything - Go from snail to cheetah fast, speed it up to first from last! (Marley Leverson)
  • Spellmaker's Incantation - creates own spells - A spell that lives through space and time, purest magic at it's prime, from the pieces you will see, a brand new spell has came to be. (The created spell is then recited) And...create! (Quinn Lawson)
  • Spirit spell - increases 'school spirit' of people - Enthusiasm, I can't hear it, come on up, increase the spirit! (Clara Merston)
  • Tasting spell - makes a horrible tasting food taste nice - Sickly taste to sweet and delish, make the taste favourable just as I wish! (Brooke Barton)
  • Time Pause spell - makes a pause in time (though others will not notice it) - For a minute, from the top, just for now, make time stop! (Heidi Latham)
  • Throwing spell - gives user ability to throw things at longer distances - Throw it long in a fling, throw it better, that's the thing! (Brock Ragan)
  • Undo spell - removes effect of spell - A spell has caused me trouble here, make the curses disappear!
  • Unlock spell - unlocks and opens doors - For this walkway we're not through, open the door so we can do! (Devin Chung)
  • Whisper spell - makes voice quieter - Whisper, whisper, dim with fear, turn it down for less to hear! (Badalia Fairhurst)

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