Sienna Melworth is a student at Absolutely University.

Official profile descriptionEdit

Shy and reserved Sienna has a passion for journalism - you’ll find her in the corner of the student lounge writing for the newspaper. She can type incredibly fast, and loves to capture other people’s moments. However, she tends to want to stay out of the picture, and finds it hard to raise her voice, often going unheard.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Sienna is a kind, sweet and friendly person, though often she finds it hard to make friends due to her timid nature. This makes her quite introverted, though she really does want to branch out and make more friends. During her time at AU, she finds that her confidence is gradually building with the help of her friends. Though she is shy, she is most definitely not a doormat and is willing to say when she is right; when there is a pressing issue or times are at their toughest, this is when Sienna is most likely to break out of her shell and speak out.

Sienna is talented when writing - whether it's fictional or the truth. Her non-fiction writing skills were enough proof for the Purple News to hire her as a permanent writer for their newspaper. She is an incredibly fast typer, and rarely makes any errors even when she does type fast (even grammar-picky Gwen Bartlett can rarely find a typo in Sienna's work). Another one of Sienna's skills is photography. Though usually Gwen is lead photographer, it's more than often the case that Sienna's photos are featured in the newspaper. And whenever Sienna cannot get the right angle, her pet Bichon Frise Glossie is able to snap the picture for her on occasion.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Sienna has light blonde hair with a tint of yellow, pale skin and olive green eyes. Sienna has a fondness for hats, and is commonly seen wearing them, as well as feminine skirts and prints.



Sienna comes from a poorer family compared to that of her roommates. She has two younger siblings - a boy and a girl - and feels a sense of responsibility to help take care of them despite her nervous disposition. This gave her the motivation to go to AU despite her initial hesitations, so that she can become a successful journalist in the magical world and eventually provide for her family.


Though Sienna is shy, she is still likable and several students are friends with her. As a journalist, she prides herself on honesty but she also wants to be kind, so she tries her best not to insult others in her articles, but when she has to, she will tell the whole truth.

One important part of Sienna's life is her pet Bichon Frise - Glossie. Sienna has had Glossie since she was thirteen, and he has been a comfort to Sienna in challenging times. Because AU does not allow students to keep pets, Sienna refused to attend unless she could bring Glossie due to her nervous disposition and lack of confidence. When AU heard about this, vice student body president Devin Chung insisted on talking to Sienna in person, and supported her over AU, convincing student body president Quinn Lawson to make Glossie the exception to the rule. Ever since then, Sienna and Devin have been good friends.

Within her work at the Purple News, she is closest to Dexter Korrick as she sees him as more grounded and less of a 'challenge' than the other writers at the paper, though she is still friends with writers Nina Tamphery and Helena Corduroy. Her relationship with head writer Gwen Bartlett is amiable though Sienna thinks she is too 'full-on' and doesn't really understand Sienna's nature.

Her three best friends are her roommates Norah Cardew, Marley Leverson and Valeri Sewell. In particular Sienna is close to Norah as she relates to her hesitance towards socializing.

She is also good friends with Badalia Fairhurst as they both share an interest in writing and can relate to each-other well. Sienna is a regular at The Brew and is therefore good friends with Brooke Barton and Aubin Slattery.


Sienna has romantic feelings for Dexter, though they don't see each-other often outside of work and Sienna prefers to keep things professional and away from Gwen's prying eyes.


Sienna made her first episode appearance in Roomies in a main speaking role. Here are all the episodes she has appeared in:


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