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Her original fashion is worn in the episodes as her regular school outfit. It consists of a scarlet red flowing babydoll dress which is ruffled and goes down to her knees. It is topped with a black and white striped blazer-style jacket with sleeves that go down to her elbows. Her belt is black, and includes a buckle which has a love heart, put into three horizontal sections - the middle is persian red and the top and bottom are white. She wears a pair of grey leggings which go down to her ankles, and a pair of scarlet red stillettos. Sienna's handbag/purse is white and extremely fluffy, with black handles for easy carrying.

Sienna wears mauve-taupe eye make-up and light pink lipstick, while on her head rests a black wool hat. Sienna's hair is long and curly, almost going down to her thighs, and she has front bangs.


Sienna wears a grey abstract plaid tank top with dark red collar flare. Under this she wears a light cream woolen top with full sleeves, and a silver bangle with a black triangle on her right arm. She wears a light cream belt with two separate parts joined by one smaller section. She wears a red skirt, with white leggings that have a black line on the front (similar to that of Nina Tamphery), and black shoes with front segments attached with brown circular buckles, and cut-outs at the toe.

Sienna wears grey eye make-up and deep red lipstick. On her head rests a bright red beanie hat, her hair is in a long wavy ponytail, with poufy bangs and front tendrils of hair.

Sienna Melworth