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You may be looking for the 2016 version of this character
I just found an excellent story for the Bartlett Bindings! I'll be right back...
— Sienna Melworth

Sienna Melworth (2013)
Sienna Melworth - Confident artwork.png
Magical Major Journalism
Fashion Ideals I would call myself a fan of vintage, but I do love faux fur too.
Special Spell I have a useful spell which helps me tell whether somebody has good or bad intentions.
Birthday November 15th
Best Friends Norah Cardew, Marley Leverson and Valeri Sewell.

Sienna Melworth (2013)
Sienna Melworth 2.0.png
Magical Major Journalism
Fashion Ideals I’m still quite vintage, but I’ve went a little more bookish with my look this time around.
Special Spell I’m still doing excellently with my intentions spell. It works very well.
Birthday November 15th
Best Friends Norah Cardew, Marley Leverson and Valeri Sewell.

Sienna Melworth is a lead character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and Skils[]

Sienna is exceptionally sweet and caring, with a kind outlook on life. She is delicate and swift, always polite, and respects personal space. However, she is extremely shy and worryful, which makes her easily upset and vulnerable. She has very bad stage fright, which drowns her confidence greatly. 

She has a great skill in journalism, writing stories both fictional and non-fiction, and photography. When she cannot get photos, her pet Glossie can, showing she is very skilled at dog training, as she says that all they need is a little kindness. Sienna is prone to panic, and overreacts to things easily. On the contrary, she is always there when she needs to stand up for her friends. Behind the shyness, Sienna is actually quite gutsy. However, she does not trust many people, and when she does, she'll make sure they won't get hurt.

One rare but notable trait is if she is angry enough, she will go into uncontrollable fits of rage.

Appearance and Style[]

Sienna has long wavy blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin. She is usually seen wearing babydoll dresses, and is fond of vintage print. She also likes to blend retro with modern fashions. Sienna's posture is usually very soft and delicate, perhaps a little slow. 



Sienna is the oldest of three - she has a little brother and a little sister. She is very connected to her family as they make her feel safe, which she certainly does not in the open world.


Sienna's dorm mates are Norah Cardew, Marley Leverson and Valeri Sewell. Sienna is sometimes a little scared, but they always help her out. She is probably connected most with Norah. She is good friends with Nina Tamphery and Helena Corduroy who work with her at the Bartlett Bindings. 


Sienna is friendly with Dexter Korrick, and this could possibly develop into a romantic relationship.


  • Brooke's nickname for Sienna is 'Sweetie Cake'


Sienna's special spell is that she can reveal the true intentions of a person by reciting this spell:

Good or evil, nice or not, show intentions true to spot!

Sienna Melworth