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I should call Nina and ask her to help tidy the back room - her order spell is pretty useful.
Saffron Corlett
Saffron Corlett
Saffron Corlett - Chic artwork.png
Magical Major Retail
Fashion Ideals I've got to look fashion-forward in a boutique, so I wear form-fitting fashions that are pleasant for the eye.
Special Spell I can make any pile of garbage look fashionable. Seriously, there's a spell for that.
Birthday October 1st.
Best Friends If a customer's friendly, I usually see them as a friend.

Saffron Corlett is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Saffron is an employee at Invanda Boutique in Leicester Village. She is friendly, helpful and fashion-forward, and is dedicated to helping people pick the right outfit. She is naturally sweet at heart but is also not afraid to state her opinion when it comes to both fashion and people. She is a frequent attendee of fashion shows, and is an eager critic. She is known to work extremely hard, to the point that she will flat-out refuse a day off.

Saffron is skilled at keeping a store in good condition, including shelf-stacking, arrangement and working at the checkout. She can also detect the best things to wear, and also the worst, to make sure that the products in the boutique are perfect for the customer.

Appearance and Style[]

Saffron has honey blonde hair with purple streaks, violet eyes and pale skin.



Not much is known about her family, except that Saffron’s mother is the owner of the Invanda Boutique.


Saffron is friendly with most of the student body. She is particularly good friends with Valeri Sewell and has an amicable stance towards Cassidy Stone.


Saffron is dedicated to her job, but her charming appearance has made some of the students take a fancy to her.


  • Her outfit was initially primarily inspired by a Barbie Fashionistas outfit – the one belonging to the Raquelle doll with pet. However, Thenaturals decided to redesign her outfit to avert the similarities.
  • Her 2014 artwork was produced with a noticeable slant, as if she was leaning to the side. This was rectified with her 2015 updated artwork.


Saffron’s special spell is that she can make any outfit fashionable, just by reciting this spell:

Can't wear an outfit looking vile, switch the moods and give it style!

Saffron Corlett