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The First Day of Absolutely U. is the second episode in the 2016 Absolutely U. series. It is the second of three 'pilot episodes' as part of a mini-season named The Beginning, which depicts the Norah's first day at Absolutely University.


Norah meets her new roommates – fierce athlete Marley Leverson, writer Sienna Melworth and fashionista Valeri Sewell. But is Norah ready to make friends? Perhaps not after living a long time as a lone ranger.

Featured characters[]

(Characters in bold have speaking parts - In order of appearance)

  1. Norah Cardew
  2. Marley Leverson
  3. Sienna Melworth
  4. Valeri Sewell


Norah has her hand on the door handle.

NORAH: Well, here we go.

Norah opens the door to reveal her dorm room.

NORAH: Wow...this dorm room is gorgeous. Look at that bed. That looks comfy. *presses mattress* Feels quite comfy too. Hold on a minute, weren’t my roommates supposed to be-

Marley, Sienna and Valeri pop out from behind the door.


NORAH: What the-

Norah stumbles back, tripping over a suitcase and falling backwards onto the bed.

VALERI: Hehe, sorry...

NORAH: Okay, never do that again.

MARLEY: We thought it would be fun to surprise you.

NORAH: So fun at AU involves scaring the living daylights out of your roommates, does it?

MARLEY: We didn’t know you’d take it like this. Really, we’re nice people – we promise.

NORAH: I suppose so. Sorry about my tone. It’s a lot to take in on my first day. By the way, I’m Norah.

MARLEY: Oh, we know.

NORAH: Please tell me how everybody seems to know who I am. It’s getting a little creepy.

MARLEY: Quinn told us. Just so we know what we’re up against. Great to meet you anyway. I’m Marley, this is Sienna:


MARLEY: She’s a little shy, but she’s cool when you get to know her. And this little art exhibit over here is Valeri.

VALERI: It’s awesome to finally meet you. Quinn told us so much about how you’re such a genius. You know, science and fashion go insanely well together. I can’t wait to design for you. By the way, I love your cardi. Very glamtellectual.

NORAH: Okay...I have no idea what that means, but I’ll take that as a complement.

VALERI: It’s like geek-chic, but that’s so high school. Glamtellectual is way more college.

NORAH: I see. So I’m guessing you’re a fashion designer?

VALERI: Uh huh.

MARLEY: She likes to dress up her friends in chic clothing. However, I will not be dressing up in frou-frou dresses and eight-inch heels. Fierce athletes don’t run in heels.

VALERI: I’ll get to you eventually. That goes for you as well, Norah.

NORAH: Guess it does. I guess I was a little harsh on you guys. I’ve had a lot of earth-shattering revelations brought to my attention.

VALERI: Yeah, the magic thing. Apparently, some people can go ca-razy after they find out about the whole ‘magical university’ spiel.

NORAH: What can I say, I’m a scientist. All of my study was taken under the impression that magic didn’t exist, so I’m kind of doubting everything I’ve learned in my life. Is that normal?

MARLEY: It doesn’t really affect me that much. Sure, you’ve got the physics and the health side of athletics, but the practical is just straight up running. It’s pretty simple. You just got the really tough end of the stick.

VALERI: Seriously, you do not have to worry about magic. It is awesome.

Valeri turns to Sienna, who is sat on the bed with her dog Glossie. She smiles over at the others.

VALERI: There’s a ripe conversation going on here. If you wanna...

SIENNA: Oh no, I’m good over here. Just me and Glossie. I’m kind of...cooling down.

NORAH: I guess she's very withdrawn.

VALERI: Can’t say I’m surprised. Marley and I are a handful, apparently. Maybe you’ll get through to her. You seem a little more her speed.

NORAH: I’ll cross that bridge whenever it’s necessary.

VALERI: Do it as quickly as possible. She really needs a friend, and I’m not talking about Glossie.

MARLEY: So Norah, I presume you’ve been to orientation.

NORAH: Yeah, I’ve just finished it. Quinn’s a pretty interesting character. Friendly, but interesting.

VALERI: You got the student body president doing your orientation? Sweet.

MARLEY: I had the treasurer take me around. He’s an interesting figure – captain of the chess club.

NORAH: There’s a chess club? That sounds like my kind of weekend activity. As long as magic hasn't completely ripped up the principles of that as well.

SIENNA: I had the Secretary of Student Activity.

NORAH: You mean Orienna Jefferson? I met her along the way.

VALERI: And I had the vice president and guidance councillor. He was pretty cool and pretty handsome as well.

NORAH: Handsome, you say?

VALERI: Oh no, he’s into guys. And his boyfriend is a total hoot! You have got to meet him. He’s a hairdresser at the Dome.

MARLEY: That’s where the stores and services are on campus. They’ve got a salon there, general store, fashion outlet-

VALERI: They even have an ice rink!

NORAH: Odd choice.

MARLEY: And there’s this awesome café down there called The Brew.

VALERI: Oh my gloss, I can’t believe I forgot that!

NORAH: Did you just say “Oh my gloss”?

VALERI: Yep. Gotta be considerate of religion.

MARLEY: You can get coffee, tea, sandwiches-

VALERI: Lots of sandwiches.

MARLEY: And they have the best muffins you will ever eat. That is a guarantee.

VALERI: You have got to meet Brooke. She’s every amazing waitress slash cashier slash baker slash incredible chef – all rolled up into one.

NORAH: Looks like I’ve got some more places to discover on campus.

MARLEY: Orientation is mostly for classes and navigation.

VALERI: And that’s why we’re going to give you our own little orientation of our own. First of all, the dorm itself.

MARLEY: Two bunk beds. Very stable. You’ve got the one over there.

Marley points to the bottom bunk on the far end.

VALERI: We called dibs on all the others. Sorry...

NORAH: It’s not a problem. I’ve felt the mattresses. They’re obviously good beds no matter which one I choose.

MARLEY: We have a TV, computer, writing desk, cabinets for your clothes, and there are shelves in the back room-

NORAH: There’s a back room?

VALERI: They told you it was spacious. The back room is where we keep the overflow that we can’t fit in here. Like mannequins...

MARLEY: Trophies...

VALERI: I presume you won’t be keeping all your science equipment out here. Not that I have a problem with that, but-

MARLEY: That’s her way of saying that she has a problem with that.

NORAH: Great.

MARLEY: And then we have a bathroom with a shower.

VALERI: We will be taking turns cleaning it.

NORAH: Wait a minute, can’t we just use “magic” for that?


VALERI: No, that’s not how it works. Magic’s for improving things and making miracles. Not wiping away chores, unfortunately.

MARLEY: We also have a kitchen area. How are you with cooking, Norah.

NORAH: Terrible.

MARLEY: Me too. That’s Valeri’s job.

NORAH: How are you with cooking, Sienna?

SIENNA: So-and-so.

VALERI: I make a mean tagine. I also make a nice tagine, in case you don’t like spicy food.

NORAH: Wow, you guys seem like you’re really good at being friendly. That’s something I’m not amazing at. Bear with me.

MARLEY: Don’t sweat it. Give it a few weeks and you’ll settle in.

VALERI: And I’ve got the best idea to speed that up a little. How about the four of us go down to the Dome for a little socialising? Classes start next week, so this is prime time to get our feet on the ground and into the social scene.

MARLEY: We can also get a snack at The Brew.

VALERI: And I’ll introduce you to Brooke – she’s gonna love you.

MARLEY: I’m just gonna go and adjust these ponytails. They’re hard to keep right.

VALERI: And I’m gonna get this mug into shape. I’ll be out in a minute!

Marley and Valeri go into the back room.

NORAH: Well, I guess I’m not getting my toe in the water, but more rather getting pushed in.

SIENNA: Yeah, I guess so.

Norah sits next to Sienna on the bed.

NORAH: If you don’t mind me asking, are you okay? You seem a little distant.

SIENNA: Oh, it’s a long story. I really shouldn’t bore you with my, um, issues.

NORAH: I just want to help you. I kind of get the whole loner thing.

SIENNA: Norah, I’m not a loner. I just don’t really adjust to most social groups. But don’t worry, I’ll survive. It’s not a big deal

NORAH: What I mean to say is I know how it is to be the girl that sits alone.

SIENNA: I’m not alone. I have Glossie.

NORAH: And I’m sure Glossie’s a great companion, but sometimes it’s good to have some human support.

SIENNA: I know. It’s just I’m not good at making friends.

NORAH: You’re telling me. In a field full of girls talking about make-up and boys and parties, there was me talking about the Theory of Relativity! I know how it is.

SIENNA: It’s not as easy as that. I’m always nervous about meeting people, scared even. That’s why I’ve never really had any real friends. I’ve always been the one that just gets by on her own, but I’m lonely at times.

NORAH: I usually just pile on the work and I’m fine. I don’t think that’s been good for me though. I’m kind of a lone wolf myself. But this year I want to change that. I want people to go to parties with and talk about my achievements, and listen to their achievements, maybe even get a few test subjects.

Sienna gasps.

NORAH: Just kidding. If it makes you feel any better, you have yourself a real friend right in front of you. I’m good at keeping secrets and I don’t mind listening to your problems. Oh, and don’t forget Marley and Valeri. From the last five minutes of meeting them, I can tell that they’re a lot of work. But I have a feeling you can handle it.

Marley and Valeri come out of the back room.

VALERI: Right, we’re ready to go. Hold on a minute, are you two talking with each-other?

SIENNA: Yeah, it appears we are. She seems like she’s on my wavelength.

NORAH: I second that. And Glossie’s a very cute companion too.

Norah strokes Glossie’s fur.

MARLEY: The plan worked, Val. We got them talking.

Marley and Valeri high-five each-other.

VALERI: Oh, come on! You can't have thought I was really adjusting my mug. It's perfect as it is, as you can see. *laughs*

MARLEY: We knew you two would click.

NORAH: I should have known. But Sienna’s a really good person, so I don't mind if you had a secret plot to tell me that. However, I bet there’s lots of other good ‘persons’ down at The Dome. Are we ready to go?

SIENNA: Ready when you are.

VALERI: Let’s go and get friended up!

The girls leave the dorm room, slamming the door shut behind them.
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