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Ronnie Hewer
Ronnie Hewer
Ronnie Hewer.png
Magical Major Physics
Fashion Ideals I try and keep it ‘normal’, but I can’t resist adding a bit of madness to it.
Special Spell I can turn any nasty person nice. It really helps to tackle the bullies.
Birthday August 1st.
Best Friends I enjoy the company of fellow comic book lovers.

Ronnie Hewer is a minor character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and Skills[]

Ronnie is a relatively reserved student around A.U, but he can be very enthusiastic, friendly and co-operative also. He often finds it hard to talk to people, and can be a victim of bullies, but his special spell means that this problem is tackled easily. He often has to find assistance from others, taking more advice than he gives out.

Ronnie is a physicist, but also is the head of A.U.’s Comic Book Club, where he likes to meet up with friends and talk about comics. He is dedicated to his interest, and often becomes disillusioned in fantasies of superheroes.

Appearance and Style[]

Ronnie has blonde-light orange hair, tanned skin and dark green eyes.



Ronnie’s family were supportive of his talents and his love for comic books.


Ronnie has a circle of friends within the Comic Book Club, though he is also good friends with roommates Lance Ollison and Dexter Korrick.

He is also good friends with Marley Leverson, as she comes to his dorm to play Skylanders with him every Tuesday. He is good friends with Valeri Sewell, who helped him to ask out Dana.


He is in a relationship with Dana Kinder.


Ronnie's special spell is that he can turn any mean person nice by using this spell:

Full of wrath to full of glee, make this one be nice to me!

Ronnie Hewer