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Quinn Lawson is a student at Absolutely University.

Official profile description[]

Make no mistake - Student Body President Quinn Lawson is serious about running student operations at A.U. She’s notoriously meticulous and can be critical at times, but does care about her fellow students. She’s willing to make friends, but not to get too friendly with them, otherwise she may end up revealing her darkest secrets.

Personality and Skills[]

Quinn is the student body president of Absolutely University, and she'll make it clear that she means business. Being busy with both council duties and studying for her courses means that she is often tired and rushed off her feet, but she will always work as hard as she can. She is almost totally dedicated to her work, but she does still aim to spend time with friends - though with a demanding job and working closely with AU staff, it can be hard for her to dedicate much time to friendship. Nonetheless, Quinn is still friendly, funny and open-minded, and has no hesitation to socialize - her main hesitation is forming complex friendships, as she fears that she will reveal too much about herself or end up breaking rules for them.

In her role as student body president, Quinn demonstrates lots of skills, including diplomacy, good public speaking and a right attitude to work. She has a positive work ethic and usually can fight through her emotions to be efficient (though this is often not the best thing for her to do). She also genuinely cares about her fellow students and wants to do the best for them.

Appearance and Style[]

Quinn has lightly tanned skin, honey blonde hair and hazel eyes. Quinn has a smart-casual style, commonly wearing blouses. Her lucky number is 79, and this is a common accent of her looks.



Quinn's father is Dean Lawson, the dean of Absolutely University, whereas her uncle Elias Lawson is the owner of the company that owns Absolutely University. This means that her family are prominent in the magical world. Quinn also has an older brother (her only sibling) named Evan, who isn't as interested in matters of the magical world.


Quinn is friendly with pretty much all students on campus. Since she's the student body president, this means that she knows every student and has an amiable relationship with them all. Quinn doesn't like to play favourites, but she does have people that she'd consider important friends. Nonetheless, she thinks that it's important that she doesn't get too close to them.

One of her best friends is her vice president Devin Chung. Though they have different approaches to their work-life balances, they both relate to each-other in their desire to help others and their idea of responsibility that they both hold. Quinn sees Devin as a reliable and trustworthy person who can efficiently get the job done, which is why she chose him as her vice president. Quinn is also close with her Secretary of Student Activity Orienna Jefferson, who she sees not only as a vital source of information, but also as a good friend and confidant. Overall, Quinn has a good relationship with her Student Council.

One person that Quinn values is Norah Cardew as she sees her as important for the future of AU (according to her 'sources'). She admires her intelligence and the two of them have a good rapport.


Quinn does not lend herself easily to romance - in fact, she is usually too distracted with her courses and her work on the Student Council to even consider it. She isn't apathetic to it however, and would like to find love in the future, just not now because she's too busy.


Quinn made her first episode appearance in The First Day at Absolutely U. in a main speaking role. Here are all the episodes she has appeared in:


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