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Her original fashion is worn in the episodes as her regular school outfit. It consists of a canary yellow overcoat which is trimmed off at the collar with orange lapels. The inside of the coat is also orange. Her blouse is white, quarter-sleeved (unseen) and has a curling collar, as well as black buttons. Quinn's skirt is a dark grey colour, goes down to her knees, and is pleated with orange pleats. She has a black belt which has a gold C buckle, and her shoes are a brown wedge with a canary yellow coating around the toes, heel and ankle.

Quinn wears canary yellow eye make-up and deep red lipstick. Her hair is cut to a bob-cut length and is curled.


Quinn wears a canary yellow sleeveless trench coat, with a top that has various partitioned segments in white, black and dark grey. She wears yellow gloves with this. She wears white trousers, and light grey shoes with cut-outs at the toes and heels.

Quinn wears yellow eye make-up and brighter red-orange lipstick. She wears blonde hair extensions, and her hair is straightened out.

Quinn Lawson