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Quinn Lawson (2013)
Quinn Lawson - Curious artwork.png
Magical Major Student Body President
Fashion Ideals I need to look my best to lead the students - it's a combination of trenchcoats and schoolgirl style.
Special Spell Not specifically, but I can create spells. That's the cool thing, really
Birthday June 6th
Best Friends I prefer professional relationships, but I do enjoy talking to the other students.

Quinn Lawson (2013)
Quinn Lawson 2.0.png
Magical Major Student Body President
Fashion Ideals Perhaps my style has become more relaxed for the new year – I definitely feel more relaxed with my style.
Special Spell I’m still making lots of new spells to add to the Spellbook. I’m very productive in that sense.
Birthday June 6th
Best Friends I’m still more focused on professional relationships – but I’m open to acquaintanceships, of course.

Quinn Lawson is a recurring character in the Absolutely U franchise. 

Personality and Skills[]

Quinn is a smart leader and a confident person who strives to lead the students well. However, she is also very social with them, and bonds well with them (as she is the same age as them). She is kind to people and always offers them a warm welcome. She is slightly strict but also very down to earth and not at all boastful.

Quinn is the Student Body President of Absolutely University. She is extremely skilled as a leader, having good skills in intuition as well as organisation. She knows what is best for the school and is decisive. She is also very resilient and responsive, always knowing what to say and how to say it. Although she is the Student Body President, she never hesitates to go out and about, visiting the other students. However, her main insecurity is that one of her best friends will disobey the rules, and she will feel the burden of picking between authority and friendship. Therefore, she always sticks by rules fiercely, and encourages others to do so.

In the story Before the Beginning, much is revealed about Quinn's personality. She is plagued with the fear of becoming evil, and fears the effects of dark magic. She is afraid of an attack on AU, and even takes an Ambien every night to be able to sleep through her worries. She is also revealed to be an old friend of Clorrowick, but still hates him for becoming evil.

Appearance and Style[]

Quinn has honey blonde hair which goes down to her neck, and is put into a curled bob cut. She has hazel eyes and tanned-to-olive tone skin. She is usually seen in business casual fashions which are a mixture of formal suits and casual outfits. She is commonly seen in an overcoat.



Quinn was born into a rich family. Her father is the principal of Absolutely U, while her mother is an architect. Quinn has several siblings, the oldest being her brother Evan, who turned down the student body president role. 


Quinn is friends with lots of the students, though she tries to stay her distance so that she does not make exceptions for people. She is extremely good friends with Norah Cardew, and believes that Norah will succeed her one day and be a great magic student. She is good friends with her personal assistant Devin Chung and often acts as his confidant.

She is also good friends with most of the students.


Quinn does not have a love interest as of yet.


  • Unlike the other characters, Brooke does not refer to Quinn by a nickname, but instead by 'Your Presidentship', as much as Quinn encourages her otherwise.


Quinn can control any spell in the book, however she can also create her own magic, which few students have ever done. She activates her creations using the Spellmaker's Incantation.

A spell that lives through space and time, purest magic at it's prime, from the pieces you will see, a brand new spell has came to be. (The created spell is then recited) And...create!

Quinn Lawson