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Priya Watson is a student at Absolutely University.

Official profile description[]

Aspiring performer Priya may come across as snobby and a bit self-centred, but make no mistake, she wants to make an effort to socialise and become ‘one of the crowd’. She’s a natural star who loves to be in the spotlight, and is a total triple threat - she can sing, act and dance - but on the social circuit, she still needs to learn to share the spotlight.

Personality and Skills[]

In the past, Priya has always been the one on top - socially, on stage and in wealth - but all of those things are changing for her, and she's finding it hard to adjust. She loves to be the center of attention, but only for the right reasons - the exposure of her family's role in dark magic progression has given her a taste of infamy, and she does not like it. Though she is naturally friendly and kind, Priya still has a slight self-centric attitude, but she is trying to open herself up more. One of the ways she is doing this is by supporting her best friend Holliday Harman in socializing. With this, Priya is learning to be more caring about others, as she consciously wants to change for the better.

Priya's passion is drama, and she loves to perform on stage (preferably in a lead role). She has skills in singing, acting and dancing, and wants to be acknowledged more for her abilities rather than her family's reputation (and rightfully so, as she's one of the best performers on campus). Not only does she love performing on stage, she also loves to go to performances herself, preferably with Holliday, as both of them share a love for drama, especially musicals.

Appearance and Style[]

Being of Indian descent, Priya has tanned skin, brown hair and blue eyes. She commonly wears faux fur and jewels that usually wouldn't be seen on other characters, as well as preppy skirts and boots.



Priya comes from a rich family - one that was involved in the magical world for all the wrong reasons. Her family had an involvement in modern dark magic that has been threatening good magic and those involved with it. As a main benefactor of dark magic, this is what has made her family so rich. However, Priya wants to disassociate herself with dark magic and wants to dedicate herself to the cause of good magic, as well as her existing drama career.

Priya has an older brother named Hasif, who is now also working in good magic, and in fact works for the Modern Magical Surveillance Network (MMSN).


Because of her family's background in dark magic, many students are wary of Priya. Her seemingly self-centred nature also turns off lots of people. However, Priya still makes an effort to make friends on campus.

Her best friend is fellow drama student Holliday Harman, who was the first person to take a chance on her even despite her family's reputation. Priya relates to Holliday as she too has experienced being shunned in the past. The two of them soon struck up a friendship.

Norah Cardew also took a chance on Priya, and became friends with her despite the hesitations of her roommates Marley Leverson and Valeri Sewell, who were concerned for Norah's safety. Though the two aren't particularly close, they manage to be friendly with each-other from time to time.


Priya has a one-sided crush on Lance Ollison - though Lance doesn't harbor any bad feelings towards Priya, and is in fact friendly with her, he isn't interested in her in that way and only wants to be friends.


Priya made her first episode appearance in The First Day at Absolutely U. in a non-speaking cameo. Here are all the episodes she has appeared in:


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