• Priya's original outfit

Her original fashion is worn in the episodes as her regular school outfit. She wears a mint turquoise waistcoat which goes down to her waist and is lined off with a teal block belt, which is curved and has two buttons as well as lighter striped arrows. She wears a light turquoise top with a collar and puffy sleeves, as well as a single mint green block bangle on her right wrist. Her skirt is multiple layered - the first and third layers are a white and teal stripe going diagonally, and the second is black and turquoise stripes going horizontally. They are both jagged at opposite edges. She wears a set of fishnet leggings with garters, and a pair of white and mint socks. Her shoes are turquoise with a teal toe cup and white fronts. 

Priya wears turquoise eye make-up and hot pink lipstick. Her hair is streaked with turquoise, and is curly with front bangs. 


  • Priya's 2.0 fashion

Priya wears a white jacket with full sleeves, over a turquoise blue top with frills on the bottom. She wears a pair of light mint opera gloves. She wears a bundled skirt, with black and white stripes. She wears a pair of fishnet stockings, with a thick black lining on the top, and a pair of light blue ankle-boots covered in velvet.

She wears light turquoise eye make-up and bright pink lipstick. Her turquoise streaks are only in the front now, in symmetrical side parting, while the rest of her hair is flowing.

Priya Watson
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