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Magical diversion is the best thing since...well, the event of my birth.
Priya Watson

Priya Watson (2013)
Priya Watson - Poised artwork
Magical Major Drama
Fashion Ideals I'm all for preppy, glam fashions that show my superiority. It's only right that the leading lady has her time to shine.
Special Spell I can draw attention to myself - literally speaking.
Birthday January 6th
Best Friends I personally prefer to lead on my own.

Priya Watson (2013)
Priya Watson 2.0
Magical Major Drama
Fashion Ideals My glamorous fashion has taken a Broadway twist this year – I hope to show everyone that I’m probably better than them.
Special Spell And my attention spell will help massively, so that nobody fails to notice the glamour I possess!
Birthday January 6th
Best Friends Still a one-woman-show over here. No ‘friends’ needed, just an audience.

Priya Watson is a recurring character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Priya looks down on people a lot. She is quite snobbish, narcissistic and self-centred. She always forces herself into the spotlight no matter what it takes, and is quite impatient. However, Priya has a conscience and does know when too much is too much. She is naive yet ambitious, with a bold resilience. Much of her snobbery is due to social anxiety, that she believes that if she is better than everyone else, she will feel better about herself.

Priya is, however, extremely talented. She has exceptional acting talent which is unparallel to any student, which in use with her attention spell gives her many of the main parts. She is also a talented singer, and a skilled dancer with a wide knowledge of ballet and fine art. She is also emotionally problematic and easily panics during a problematic event, often pinning the blame on someone else for a simple problem. However she is also gutsy and knows when she has done something wrong, and admits it if it becomes a huge problem.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Priya has long brown-black hair which is streaked with turquoise, turquoise eyes and dark tan skin. She is of Indian descent, and wears very preppy-style fashions.



Priya is described as a daddy's girl, meaning she has a close relationship with her father. She has an older brother named Hasif, but he is in his twenties and is rich himself, so Priya gets a lot of her parents' riches. 


Priya is a very independent person who does not need to rely on people. She is sort-of friends with Quinn Lawson and she is somewhat nice to Brooke Barton.

She was initially very hostile to Norah Cardew as she is jealous of the fact that Norah has a lot of potential, and that Lance likes her more. However, throughout the series, Priya starts to become nicer to her.

Both Marley Leverson and Valeri Sewell show extensive irritation towards Priya. Sienna Melworth does not interact with Priya as much, but seems to be on good terms with her. Tucker Gray shows a slight dislike to Priya, but does not talk to her much.


Priya has an unrequited crush on Lance Ollison. However, her narcissism turns him off, and he is interested more in Norah.


  • Brooke's nickname for Priya is 'Truffles'


Priya's special spell is that she can divert all attentions to herself just by reciting this spell:

I'm the who that they should see, make the whole crowd turn to me!

Priya Watson (2013)
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