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Prediction levels are used in the franchise of Absolutely U.


A prediction level is a measure in magic used in Absolutely University to predict how talented a student will be in magic. It is similar to how grading goes in regular schools, if a student is exceptionally talented they would get an A, but in prediction levels they would get the highest level.

It is solely judged upon skills in magic and use of spells in daily life.


From worst to best, here are the prediction levels:

  • Lower Tier - is not skilled at magic, and needs more improvement
  • Moderative Tier - is not bad at magic but needs improvements
  • Skilled Tier - is good at using magic
  • Exceptional Tier - is extremely skilled at magic


  • Most of the students at AU are either at Skilled or Moderative tiers.
  • Only a few students are at 'Exceptional' level, one of them being Norah Cardew.