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Orienna Jefferson is a student at Absolutely University.

Official profile description[]

Orienna was born with a special magical gift - she can view snippets of the future. Not only that, but she’s the daughter of the CEO of a leading magical tech company, making her a perfect test user for new gadgets. Despite all this, she manages to stay grounded, but she is prone to avoiding going into large friendship groups in fear of being used unfairly.

Personality and Skills[]

Orienna is one of the more grounded students at AU. She possesses a clairvoyant ability (see below) which often makes students want to befriend her so they can take advantage of her ability, and for this reason, she finds it hard to make friends as she fears being taken advantage of. Nonetheless, she is still pleasant, friendly and nice enough to most people. She is seen as a good source of information and a great confidant, though often she may seem aloof and nervous.

One of her most defining abilities is the spellity she was born with - the ability to see glimmers of the future. She is one of the only students at AU to possess a spellity and for this reason she is a valued source of information by AU staff and by the Student Council, which she is a member of. She is a skilled researcher (one of the important parts of her history major), and has a knack for trawling through books and finding a solution. She is also very well-organised, one of the reasons for her appointment to the role of secretary of student activity.

Appearance and Style[]

Orienna is of Asian descent, and has tanned pink skin, auburn hair which has been dyed, and dark brown eyes. Her style is relatively simple, with both cosy and avant-garde accents to her style.



Orienna's family is one of the most important families in the magical world. She has an American father and an Asian mother - her father is a stay-at-home dad, whereas her mother is the CEO of the leading magical technology company - Jefferson Tech - who pioneered the release of magical technology such as the UPad which is used across AU. Orienna often acts as a test user for many of the new Jefferson Tech devices, including the J-Watch, which has the potential to aid the Magical Activity Surveillance and Evaluation Network (MASEN).


Orienna finds it hard to invest herself into friendship, as she is primarily concerned that her clairvoyant ability will make students want to take advantage of her for the wrong reasons, which she doesn't want to do.

She nonetheless has some friends, primarily on the Student Council. She has a good relationship with student body president Quinn Lawson, who sees Orienna not only as a vital source of information but also as a good friend and confidant. However, Orienna does not always agree with Quinn's decisions. Orienna is also friendly with vice president Devin Chung who she sees as more grounded and open, as she believes that Quinn has a lot of secrets.

She is good friends with Norah Cardew due to their shared interest in the magical world and the tech surrounding it. Orienna admires Norah's intelligence whereas Norah values Orienna's calmness and ability to stay grounded in the magical world.

Due to their shared interest in technology, Orienna is also acquainted with Harvin Harding, as he sees Orienna as more trustworthy than the rest of the Student Council, and also takes an interest in her use of magical technology.


Orienna is not particularly focused on romance, and is more consumed by the worry that any potential partner is more invested in her clairvoyant ability rather than her personality.


Orienna made her first appearance in The First Day at Absolutely U. in a speaking role. Here are all the episodes she has appeared in:


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