You ought to carry an umbrella – I predicted rain this morning.

Orienna Jefferson

Orienna Jefferson (2013)
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Magical Major History
Fashion Ideals My fashion is always set for unknown events in glamorous green.
Special Spell I can see events in the future. Well, most of them.
Birthday August 24th
Best Friends I can make friends, but I won’t trust them too easily.

Orienna Jefferson is a minor character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and Skills

Orienna is a relatively introverted and shy student, but is usually nice enough and friendly. She is often nervous, and can seem aloof at times, but tries to keep sociable. She is, however, very wise also, and is noted for this – her advice is taken well by most students.

Orienna is studying History as her major, but her main abilities lie in her clairvoyance – as part of her special spell. She can see the future to around a week, but can use special technology to extend this further. This makes her extremely desired by the other students, but Orienna doesn’t take this easily and will not succumb to their wishes. She will only assist those who she can trust.

Appearance and Style

Orienna is of Asian descent, with olive-tone skin, auburn (dyed) hair and dark brown eyes.



Orienna’s family is unaware of her clairvoyance, and Orienna does not wish to use her spell to see her family’s future, out of fear.


Orienna tries to make friends, but often people will take advantage of her to use her clairvoyant abilities. Therefore, she finds it hard to trust people.

She is willing to assist Quinn Lawson in matters concerning the magical world.


Orienna does not lend herself easily to romance.


Orienna's special spell is that she can see the near-future (most of the events) by using this spell:

Wonder what's the buzz tomorrow, tell me what to stop my sorrow!

Orienna Jefferson (2013)
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