Norah Cardew is a student at Absolutely University.

Official profile descriptionEdit

A.U.’s most intelligent academic, Norah is a force of super smarts to be reckoned with. She’s constantly analytical, loves the investigation just as much as the result, and has a knack for both science and magic. However, when it comes to socialization, she’d rather stay with the people she knows rather than experiment in new crowds.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Norah is generally a friendly figure, but is prone to introversion at times. She is not used to socializing and prefers to stay focused on her own projects. However, she is nowadays more open to making friends, and once friends with her, many will realize that she's a worthwhile friend. She is often level-headed and finds ways to stay calm, but when invested into an investigation, project or experiment, she can easily get excited. Norah is analytical, and constantly questions everything around her, especially in a new environment. Her high intelligence means that she is skilled in picking out facts, thinking of ideas and applying them to a task, however she does lack in 'street-smarts' and is much less comfortable in a social situation.

Norah is regarded by the authorities of AU as 'special' in more ways than one. Firstly, for her scientific ability. She is hugely skilled in science, though the peak of her ability is concentrated in the field of chemistry. She is adept at learning facts in these fields but also has a creative streak, providing her with the hobby of inventing. Secondly is her magical ability - though at first she was shocked by the existence of magic, she quickly adapted to a world where science and magic are equal partners. She is skilled at learning spells and adapts magic into her own inventions, enhancing her creativity. Many believe that Norah has huge potential in the future upon graduating from AU.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Norah is African-British, and has dark skin, brown eyes and naturally brown hair which is in an ombre style. Common assets to Norah's style include collared shirts and jackets, but also feminine skirts and leggings.



Norah's family is mildly invested in the magical world - however, prior to Norah's admittance to AU, she had no knowledge of this. Though her parents, Melvin and Nadia, are only minor assets to the magical world, her sister Charlotte is an important figure in stealth management, which is ensuring the hidden nature of AU is maintained at all costs.


Prior to attending AU, Norah did not make many friends and in fact was more inclined not to make friends. This gave her a more career-orientated view. Upon attending AU, Norah became a friend of Quinn Lawson, who personally gave her a tour of the campus. Norah is also close with the Student Council, including Orienna Jefferson and Devin Chung.

Within her magical major of chemistry, her closest friend is Madelyn Welch, as the two are lab partners. Norah is also friends with Dawn Revell and Ronnie Hewer who are both chemistry students also.

At first, Norah was hesitant about her roommates: Marley Leverson, Sienna Melworth and Valeri Sewell, but very soon they became Norah's three best friends. Norah is particularly close to Sienna, as both are relatively reserved and relate to each-other in this way.

Across campus, Norah is generally friendly with most students. Norah is a regular at The Brew and therefore good friends with Brooke Barton and Aubin Slattery. Finally, Norah takes it upon herself to make an effort to be friends with Priya Watson despite her infamy on campus.


Norah is good friends with Lance Ollison, though it is believed that there is more to their friendship, with the possibility of romance. However, both of them are more focused on their careers, and often regard themselves together as nothing more than 'partners in magic'. Nonetheless, Norah does hold some romantic feelings towards Lance.


Norah made her first episode appearance in The First Day at Absolutely U. in a main speaking role. Here are all the episodes she has appeared in:


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