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Her original fashion is worn in the episodes as her regular school outfit. It consists of a white blouse with quarter sleeves ruffled at the edges, and tucked in at the waist. She wears a black bow tie around the collar, and a set of boysenberry purple braces. She has a boysenberry purple skirt which is elasticated at the waist in black. The skirt goes down to her knees, and she wears black fishnet tights with black garters. Her shoes are boysenberry purple with a silver ankle buckle and silver heel and outer sole. She carries a purple bag which has a black ribbon around with a silver buckle. The bag has black handles.

Norah wears boysenberry purple eye make up and coral lipstick. She wears a set of 'hipster-style' spectacles which are her reading glasses. Her hair is side-partened and has a curl to it, going down to her waist.


Norah wears a purple square-top with ruffled edges, which is accompanied by a grey jacket with black zipper trim, pocket trim and a black bow-tie clip. She wears a grey mesh bangle on her left arm. She wears a wavy black skirt and a pair of purple leggings. She wears white high-heel boots with cut-outs at the toes and above.

Norah wears light grey eyeshadow and dark pink lipstick. She wears her hair in a ponytail, and segments the front into bangs, with strands at each side. She also wears a set of purple frame glasses. 

Norah Cardew