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You may be looking for the 2016 version of this character.

It's difficult to find an equation behind magic - for now I'll wait until my History of Magic class.
— Norah Cardew

Norah Cardew (2013)
Norah Cardew - Serious artwork.png
Magical Major Science
Fashion Ideals You could say that I was an advocate of geek-chic, but I prefer the term glamorous intellectual.
Special Spell I've got the magic touch with an activation spell which is the perfect on switch.
Birthday July 19th.
Best Friends Marley Leverson, Sienna Melworth and Valeri Sewell.

Norah Cardew (2013)
Norah Cardew 2.0.png
Magical Major Science
Fashion Ideals This year, I'm trying out a more mature, classy and business-like spin on glamorous intellectual.
Special Spell My activation spell is still as good as it was last year.
Birthday July 19th.
Best Friends Marley Leverson, Sienna Melworth and Valeri Sewell.

Norah Cardew is a lead character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and Skills[]

Norah is a nice character who is resourceful, insightful and full of curiosity. She does not expect luxury treatment, so she is easily pleased, though she also has standards. She is an independent character but she works very well in teams, and is an excellent leader, with a great skill at organisation. 

However, she is easily offended by comments and is careful to what may offend others. She is notorious for using an ambitious range of vocabulary, including particularly long words and scientific terms, which often confuses people. On the contrary, Norah is confused by Valeri Sewell's use of U-Speak, though she eventually gets used to it. She is also noted for her excessive decorum and etiquette, keeping to school rules at all times.

She speaks with a British accent.

Appearance and Style[]

Norah has dark tone skin, long dark brown hair which goes down to her waist and wide brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing a style which consists of a blending of girly skirts and tights, and nerd-like shirts and bow-ties. She is also commonly seen in spectacles, which she uses for reading.



She has a close relationship with her family. Her parents are called Melvin and Nadia, and she is very connected with both of them.

Norah has an extremely close bond with her sister Charlotte, who went to AU and graduated when Norah was accepted. Norah often sends skype messages via her U-Pad to her sister to document her adventures and lessons.


Norah's best friends and dorm mates are Marley Leverson, Sienna Melworth and Valeri Sewell. She spends a lot of time with them and enjoys their company. As much as they argue, they do get along very well.

She is very good friends with Quinn Lawson, in which Quinn believes that Norah will be a great magic student, and possibly her successor. She is friends with Lance Ollison, Tucker Gray and Brooke Barton also.

She is frenemies with Priya Watson, as Priya is jealous of Norah because Lance likes her. The two end up rivaling, in which Norah wishes no harm. However, in the end they are friends too.


Norah has a crush on her friend Lance Ollison, which is reciprocated. 


  • Brooke's nickname for Norah is 'Tea Leaf'.


Norah's special spell is that she can activate anything (from machines to reviving the dead) by using this spell:

Green light on, figure of eight, turn the key and activate!

Norah Cardew (2013)