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The newest trends never, ever miss my watch. I'm observing them like a hawk, and winning majorly!
Nina Tamphery
Nina Tamphery
Nina Tamphery - Original.png
Magical Major Journalism
Fashion Ideals For a girl that's often on trend, I'm prepared with a well-ordered style with just the right pinch of A.U. spirit.
Special Spell I can restore order to messy things - mostly with formatting, though.
Birthday March 23rd.
Best Friends Me and Helena Corduroy are a great dynamic duo.

Nina Tamphery is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise

Personality and Skills[]

Nina is quite the gossip girl of AU, and always a welcoming hand. She is supportive, sweet and a little pushy, though she always means well. She is often hooked onto a trend, and will look into it if it is popular. She also has a habit of always being on her phone. She is quite persuasive, and always makes sure she has the last word of a conversation.

She is skilled in journalism, in particular formatting a page. She always wants to be one step ahead of the others, so that she can make her work the best people can get. She is also ambidextrous and types very, very fast. 

Appearance and Style[]

Nina has dark brown hair which is streaked occasionally with red, hazel eyes and pale skin.



Not much is known about her family, besides the fact that her father is CEO of a publishing corporation, and her mother founded a successful line of magazines. 


Nina's best friend and companion is Helena Corduroy. They spend a lot of time together, though Nina mainly leads the way. She is also good friends with Sienna Melworth and Dexter Korrick. She is on good terms with Gwen Bartlett.


Nina is implied to be interested in the jocks of AU.


  • On her artwork, Nina carries a copy of EGO Magazine. It is mentioned that she once had an internship there.


Nina's spell is that she can order things to make them look better, just by reciting this spell:

Sides and sizes laying well, make an order so it's swell!

Nina Tamphery