Marley Leverson is a student at Absolutely University.

Official profile descriptionEdit

Quick-witted Marley is A.U.’s fastest athlete, and always aims for success, whether it’s her own or for her friends. She likes to crack jokes, run fast in awesome sneakers and beat her high scores on Crush Muffin Trilogy. However, she tends to rush over things and isn’t friends with the concept of taking things slowly.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Marley is a funny, sociable and generally pleasant figure at AU. She is friendly to most people and enjoys making friends, whether they're on or off the field. She enjoys cracking jokes and always tries to see the funny side of things, even if it is with a sarcastic tone. She's an early riser and isn't a fan of 'sleeping in' much to the chagrin of her roommates. Her main flaw is her impatience - she has a habit of focusing on getting things done quickly, meaning that often she doesn't take time to perfect what she does. She is also fiercely defensive of her friends as well as herself, and doesn't respond well to sexism, especially in a male-dominated field such as sport. One of her best ways of responding to sexism is simply showing that she does something better than the men that doubt her ability. She also takes pride in her role in AU, and is patriotic when it comes to her team.

Though she has some skill in magic, Marley's main abilities lie in athletics, as well as her role in the football team as the tailback. Her agility, receptivity and speed in particular make her an excellent asset to the team, though she also has a good level of physical strength as well despite her being quite slender and small. She has skills in both contact sports such as football as well as athletic tasks such as running, jumping and climbing. Though she wouldn't consider herself a 'fitness junkie', she does have good fitness and is a frequent gym user. Sport is not her only interest however: she has a large interest in video games, her favourite being Crush Muffin Trilogy.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Marley has olive toned skin, blue eyes and brown hair, which is frequently tied up. Marley has an athletic but casual style with a slight tomboyish edge.



Marley's family has no position in the magical world, as she was admitted on her abilities alone. She has three older brothers, none of which take an interest in sports, whereas Marley has been besotted with sports since she was young.


Marley is very social on campus, having friends in or out of the sporting circle.

Fellow athlete Ingrid Tillett is someone that Marley knew even before AU, the fact that both are attending AU being coincidental. Their relationship can go all the way from fierce enemies to supportive friends very quickly, as both of them are competitive figures. Marley joining the football team has only made this friendship even more temperamental.

On the team itself, Marley is acquainted with the other team mates, but doesn't regard them as 'real friends' due to either their previous chauvinism and hesitation to take her onto the team, or just because she doesn't really know them. On the team there is only one person she regards as a real friend, and that is Tucker Gray. He had supported Marley all the way through her recruitment to the team, and they have therefore become solid friends. Marley is acquainted with football captain Brock Ragan, in which he has gained more respect for her due to her ability on the field.

Marley's three best friends are her roommates Norah Cardew, Sienna Melworth and Valeri Sewell. They are most definitely Marley's biggest supporters on and off the field, and she is particularly close to Valeri, acting as a partner in crime for Valeri's pranks.

Aside from her roommates, Marley is a regular at The Brew and is therefore good friends with Brooke Barton and Aubin Slattery. Marley is also good friends with Ronnie Hewer as they share a love for video games.


Marley isn't interested in romance, though to some people her friendship with Tucker may indicate otherwise (she will always deny that this is the case).


Marley made her first episode appearance in Roomies in a main speaking role. Here are all the episodes she has appeared in:


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