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Her original fashion is worn in the episodes as her regular school outfit. It consists of a black letterman jacket with half-sleeves in white, white pocket lining, a black and white triple-stripe hem and a triangular purple shape on the left side which reads AU. Under the jacket she wears a dark green tank top which has a white peace symbol printed onto it. She wears light olive green capri pants which go down to her ankles, are flared at the end and have a white applique '24' printed onto a black shield with green lining at her right side, next to her pocket. Marley has a pair of sneakers which are black at the side, have a green wedge heel with a white sole, white toe cup and white middle filling. She has black shoelaces. She carries around a cylindrical sports bag which is black in colour, with alternating green handles and a white pocket inside, while the circular faces bear a black and white stripe pattern.

Marley wears dark green eye make-up and natural tone cream lipstick. She wears a green headband, and her hair is in a ponytail with the exception of two long strands at the front which are side-partened.


Marley wears a green tank top which flows to her waist, and under this she wears a ragged white t-shirt. Over the top, she wears a black belt with white and brown buckling. She also has fishnet gloves on her forearms. Her trousers are black, and she wears white sneakers with green and white striped patterning and black piping on the seams.

Marley wears green eye make-up and lipstick that is still natural tone, but more pink. She wears a green scrunchie for a ponytail, which is relatively thin, and she wears some of her hair in front strands also. 

Marley Leverson