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You may be looking for the 2016 version of this character.

And I just earned a gold trophy for the collegiate heptathlon tournaments! Oh yeah!
— Marley Leverson

Marley Leverson (2013)
Marley Leverson - Determined artwork.png
Magical Major Athletics
Fashion Ideals Sporty fashion is a priority, but if I want to win, fashion isn't all I should count on.
Special Spell I can increase my already rad speed up to the top.
Birthday February 27th.
Best Friends Norah Cardew, Sienna Melworth and Valeri Sewell.

Marley Leverson (2013)
Marley Leverson 2.0.png
Magical Major Athletics
Fashion Ideals I’m still very casual and sporty, but now I’m perhaps appreciating my feminine side a little more.
Special Spell The speed spell is still keeping me running faster than ever.
Birthday February 27th
Best Friends Norah Cardew, Sienna Melworth and Valeri Sewell.

Marley Leverson is a lead character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and Skills[]

Marley is sporty and decisive, with a quick wit and ever-fast movement. She is kind but not at all shy, as well as excitable and rebellious. She is especially fond of heptathlon, but is also skilled in other sports and athletic activities. If any of her friends need help doing sport, she's by far the first person to call.

Marley is also quite hyper, and seems to also be a fan of computer games, especially Crush Muffin Trilogy. She does not hesitate to speed up a situation, and always wakes up early to prepare for her day. She is patriotic, and wears a letterman jacket as part of her basic outfit. She always encourages her friends to jump into a situation, even if sometimes she jumps in too hard! She is quite mischievous and loves to play pranks. She understands U-Speak pretty well.

Marley's accent has a slight New Yorker essence to it, and is quite boyish.

Appearance and Style[]

Marley has long brown hair usually tied into a ponytail, blue eyes and olive tone skin. She is usually wearing more masculine outfits, such as tracksuits, tanks, capris and sneakers compared to the other girls. Marley's style of movement is usually very fast.



Marley is mentioned to be the only daughter in her family, and has seven brothers. This is possibly where she got her sporting interests from.


Marley's best friends and dorm mates are Norah Cardew, Sienna Melworth and Valeri Sewell, and she is good friends with them. They can get irritated when she wakes them all up early for the day, but they all like her. 

She is good friends with Brooke Barton and Tucker Gray.

She is frenemies with Priya Watson, and has a fierce friendship-rivalry with Ingrid Tillett.


Marley says that she is not a romantic person so she doesn't bother. However, she has a love-hate relationship with Tucker Gray, and she is developing a crush on him. 


  • Brooke's nickname for Marley is 'Smoothie Girl'


Marley's special spell is that she can speed up anything by using this spell:

Go from snail to cheetah fast, speed it up to first from last!

Marley Leverson