Magic is an important element in the Absolutely U franchise.

Regular useEdit

Magic is known to be a huge part of Absolutely University. It is a sacred force which is protected by the authority of AU, and is given to the students to improve the world. It is known to be hidden from the outside world and its only presumed use on Earth is at AU itself, though there is suppposedly other places where it is more prominent, including the quarters of dark sorcerer Clorrowick.

Original magicEdit

The most prominent type of magic in Absolutely U is the regular magic. This magic is known to perform spells as its' main function, and also has many other clever functions to help out. It is intended for positive use, and is also quite a sacred item, only used by certain people.

Magical auraEdit

The magical aura has a natural glimmer to it. Its colour is very character-specific, and usually their signature colour will be the colour of the magical aura.

Authorative advancesEdit

Magic also has an additional tier which is only reserved for the highest of magical authority, not just at AU but the Magical Surveillance Network. The only known people with these powers are the heads of the MSN and Principal Lawson of AU. It is implied that Quinn Lawson has very limited authorative magic.

Dark magicEdit

Dark magic is another variant, even more mysterious than regular magic. It is known that Clorrowick has dark magic powers, and also his army of Malignites.

The magical aura of dark magic has no glimmer and is black with a hint of green.

Status as sacredEdit

It is known as magic is sacred and protected by the MSN.

  • It is strictly enforced in AU to not use magic in the outside world
  • Photo apps on the U-Pad have a security feature to detect magic featured in the photo, and will remove it.
  • When magic is used outside AU on field trips, the process and use is hidden.
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