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Madelyn Welch
Madelyn Welch
Madelyn Welch.png
Magical Major Science
Fashion Ideals I try and keep my fashion minimalistic - it's not good for me to stand out too much.
Special Spell I can solve just about any riddle you can give me.
Birthday September 15th
Best Friends I'm not really good at making friends, so I just stick with my classmates in Science.

Madelyn Welch is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Madelyn is a shy, sweet and minimalistic girl of Irish descent. She is dedicated to finding scientific discoveries, and is therefore very introverted and not entirely sociable. She usually goes about her own business, and tries not to interfere with major events, as she prefers the comfort of her own activities and established conditions.

Madelyn is very skilled with the identification of chemicals, and generally science, but one of her most important talents is solving riddles - which makes her great at crosswords and Sudoku puzzles.

Appearance and Style[]

Madelyn has pale skin, mousy brown hair and brown eyes. She is rarely seen without her glasses.



Madelyn's family is not often mentioned, but she says that many of her experiments were assisted by her sister.


Madelyn is extremely introverted, and has little friends. She is good friends with Norah Cardew and Lance Ollison, and is acquainted to Norah's roommates also.


Madelyn is very shy, so it's not a surprise that she is not involved romantically.


  • Breanna learned how to do Madelyn's accent by watching episodes of Ultra Fast Pony (their version of Applejack has an irish accent).


Madelyn's spell is solving any riddles (except the Mystery of the Blank Pages, of course) by reciting this spell:

The puzzle here is far from fun, make this riddle come undone!

Madelyn Welch