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Lance Ollison is a student at Absolutely University.

Official profile description[]

Math genius Lance is a master of numbers - give him a sum and he’ll work it out faster than you can say ‘Pythagorean’. Not only that, but he’s also a master of helping his friends study magic - making him a vital part of any #studysquad. However, he often concentrates too much on facts and isn’t willing to go down a more open, interpretive route to learning.

Personality and Skills[]

Lance is an example of a student with impressive intellect. However, he is also an example of a friendly and helpful student in more ways than one. He is a trustworthy friend that likes to enjoy the 'social' side of AU and has no hesitation in this. One of the things he needs to work on is interpretations - he's often too hung up on facts and what's set in stone, to the point where he dislikes presuming or guessing something (he just has to know for sure). In some ways, this can be used in a beneficial way, but often it's more of a hurdle for Lance to get over.

Lance's main skills lie in his non-magical field of Mathematics. He is impressive at calculation and has the ability to correct many estimations into their precise answers. He has a vast knowledge in algebra, pure arithmetic, geometry and statistics, and is an avid puzzler. Also, he is supportive of those with lower abilities and doesn't look down on them, instead wanting to help them improve. He carries this out in two ways - one by tutoring some students one-on-one, and the other by taking part in magical study groups. His contribution to these groups is well-valued by other students.

Appearance and Style[]

Lance has pale skin, blue eyes and beige-blonde hair. He commonly wears sweaters and is never seen without his signature black glasses.



Lance's family lives in Alaska, and is not connected to the magical world. He has two brothers: one older and one younger, making Lance the middle child of the family. Whereas his two brothers are lovers of sports, Lance is not, but he is still close to his siblings.


Though Lance isn't necessarily one of the 'popular' students, he is well-liked across campus for his intellect but also his part in tutoring and study groups.

Lance's best friend is Tucker Gray - even though their personalities and interests differ, Tucker reminds Lance of his two brothers in many ways. Not only does Lance tutor Tucker in magic, but he also supports him in many of his football games, cheering him on in the crowd. Lance is also good friends with his roommates Ronnie Hewer and Dexter Korrick, whereas he has an amiable relationship with his other roommate Harvin Harding.

Lance is one of the students who took a chance on becoming friends with Priya Watson despite her reputation. Whereas Lance sees Priya as a friend, Priya takes more of a romantic interest in him which he does not reciprocate.


Lance is good friends with Norah Cardew, though it is believed that there is more to their friendship, with the possibility of romance. However, both of them are more focused on their careers, and often regard themselves together as nothing more than 'partners in magic'. Nonetheless, Lance does hold some romantic feelings towards Norah.


Lance is yet to make his first appearance in media.


Lance Ollison (2016)
You may be looking for the 2013 version of this character.