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Don't ask me to recite π - you'll probably end up late for class.
Lance Ollison (2013)
Magical Major Mathematics
Fashion Ideals It's mostly a combination of formal and casual wear, just to fit in with both crowds, really.
Special Spell I can repair the broken.
Birthday September 20th
Best Friends Tucker Gray, Dexter Korrick and Norah Cardew.

Lance Ollison is a recurring character in the Absolutely U. franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Lance is quite an optimist - he's always looking for new ways forward and has an eye for new ideas. Lance is kind, respectful and full of curiosity, as well as always lending out a helping hand. He's usually seen in the background, but he always tries to do something to help out.

Out of Lance's top skills, one of them is mathematics. Lance is noted for being able to correct any estimation to an exact answer, which is an element of comic relief in the franchise. He is usually seen with a notepad, jotting down some facts just in case he needs them, and observing a scene carefully to see where he's best suited to. His magic skills are very good, though not as good as Norah's. He also carries an extensive general knowledge in many subjects. 

Appearance and Style[]

Lance has light honey blonde hair which is of medium length, blue eyes and pale skin. Lance often wears a combination of formal and casual outfits, including tank tops, shirts and bow ties as well as casual trousers and sneakers. Lance also wears glasses.



Lance has the middle child of three boys, meaning he has two brothers. He also has relatives living in Alaska.


Lance is generally popular among students. One of his best friends is Tucker Gray, whom he helps with work and whatnot. 

He is also good friends with Norah Cardew, Marley Leverson, Sienna Melworth, Valeri Sewell, Brooke Barton, Priya Watson and Quinn Lawson.


Lance has two people crushing on him. The first is Norah Cardew, who is one of his good friends - they connect very well and in the end, Lance likes her back. The second is Priya Watson, who often wants him for herself. However, Lance is crushing on Norah.


  • Brooke's nickname for Lance is 'Sweet Soda'


Lance's special spell is that he can repair any object just by reciting this spell:

Shattered glass or fabric tear, fix the problem and repair!

Lance Ollison (2013)