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I do better at heptathlon than Marley - don't even try and deny it.
Ingrid Tillett
Ingrid Tillett
Ingrid Tillett.png
Magical Major Athletics
Fashion Ideals My favourite place to be is the track, so I'm always suited for success.
Special Spell I can use a bounce spell - like a little invisible trampoline.
Birthday January 29th.
Best Friends Friends, competitors, enemies...they're all the same to me.

Ingrid Tillett is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Ingrid is a fierce athlete - she takes her craft very seriously, and is callous, bitter and irritable. She has a small temper and often makes threats in her anger. However, behind all this is reasoning - she is jealous of others being better and is independent, with very few good friends, just occasional acquaintances if she has to.

Ingrid is talented - it is mentioned that she is close to the level of Marley Leverson, who even admitted she is better at pole vault than her. Unlike Marley, she does not participate in the traditionally male sports, and prefers netball and more athletic-based training. 

Appearance and Style[]

Ingrid has hazel eyes, pale skin and dark brown hair.



Ingrid comes from a highly athletic background.


Ingrid was initially good friends with Marley Leverson, but eventually when Marley got better, Ingrid became bitter and jealous of her, and they fell out. She prevents Brock from letting her on the football team (even when Brock decides to let her on) due to her panic of being 'replaced', but Marley assures her that this is not the case.


Ingrid is dating Brock Ragan who makes an exception from his misogyny towards her. Surprisingly, Ingrid is more dominant in the relationship.


  • Breanna did not plan to have her friendship backstory with Marley initially, but it was added later to enhance the character of Ingrid.


Ingrid's spell lets her jump higher than normal, by reciting this spell:

Bouncing, bouncing, from the floor, raise the height so I jump more!

Ingrid Tillett