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Holliday Harman is a student at Absolutely University.

Official profile description[]

Friendly drama student Holliday doesn’t have a negative bone in her body. She’s sweet, charismatic and always makes an effort to make friends, taking a chance on the people that nobody else would. However, she’s constantly critical of herself and has low self-esteem, though her friends are there to help her to love herself as much as she loves her friends.

Personality and Skills[]

One of the friendliest students at AU, Holliday is kind to others and takes pride in this. She enjoys meeting new people and making new friends - though in high school she wasn't as confident, now she is at AU, she has opened up and become much more social. She doesn't judge people based upon their reputations or their pasts, and genuinely wants to support people in this way. Though she loves her friends, the one person she is most against is herself - she has low self-esteem and is very critical of herself when she really doesn't need to be.

Though she is good at acting and performing, Holliday isn't as confident with taking a lead role and prefers to be part of the supporting cast. She enjoys helping out her fellow cast members; when her best friend Priya Watson is in the spotlight, you can expect Holliday to be by her side, whether it's on stage, backstage or even just in the audience cheering her on.

Appearance and Style[]

Holliday has pale skin, green eyes and beige-blonde hair. She is also of a larger build and often wears floral prints.



Holliday was very close with her family before she came to AU - her family are not involved in the magical world, and often she feels guilty having to keep her magical powers a secret. She has an older brother who she was also close with. Because she was close to her family, she regularly feels homesick.


Holliday always makes an effort to try and make friends with others; though she isn't necessarily one of the 'popular kids', she is definitely likable and appreciated by many students.

Her best friend is Priya Watson. Due to the scandal involving Priya's family in dark magic, many students were reluctant to interact with Priya - Holliday was not one of these students, and was the first person to properly give Priya a chance. They quickly bonded over their love for drama, and not only has Holliday taught Priya about how to be more open and friendly, but Priya has taught Holliday to have more confidence in herself.


Holliday would love to have a boyfriend, but as of yet hasn't found the right person for her. Nonetheless, Priya is helping her to meet more potential matches.


Holliday is yet to make her first appearance in media.


Holliday Harman (2016)