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Helena Corduroy

Helena Corduroy
Helena Corduroy - Original.png

Magical Major Journalism
Fashion Ideals It's usually something I pluck out of my wardrobe, and it somehow works well.
Special Spell I'm an expert at giving definitions - some call me a walking dictionary.
Birthday May 25th.
Best Friends Me and Nina Tamphery are the best of friends.

Helena Corduroy is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise

Personality and Skills

Helena is sweet and ditsy, yet quite confident and outlandish. She is kind to those that she meets, and is eager to please. She often likes to sneak around or stay in the background, just because being in focus doesn't suit her lifestyle. She enjoys catching the perfect moments on camera and spending time with Nina as they're best friends.

Helena is an excellent lexicographer, and is always there to provide definitions, spellings, synonyms and antonyms at request. She is skilled at picking good words for the situation, and often provides them comically, though sometimes this is jeered at by her peers. She is also very flexible, and can fit into tight spaces, which makes her perfect for photography.

Appearance and Style

Helena has very light brown hair, blue eyes and tanned skin with freckles.



Helena's family live in the woods.


Helena's best friend and companion is Nina Tamphery. They spend a lot of time together, though Nina mainly leads the way. She is also good friends with Sienna Melworth and Dexter Korrick.


Helena has a child-like innocence and is oblivious to romance.


  • Helena was partly based upon Teresa from Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse
  • On her artwork, Helena carries a copy of Teen Rogue, the Monster High version of Teen Vogue. This proves that the universes of AU and MH are shared. Also, Thenaturals' original character Lina Greene is on the cover.


Helena's spell is that she can issue a definition for any word that people question, by reciting this spell:

What's it mean and what's it say, tell us what it means that way!

Helena Corduroy
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