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Never tell me to hurry up with the photo. Ever.
Heidi Latham
Heidi Latham
Heidi Latham.png
Magical Major Photography
Fashion Ideals Keep it simple, stupid. It’s ideal when you want to get things done.
Special Spell I can make a pause in time – nobody ever notices though.
Birthday October 14th
Best Friends I try to keep amicable relationships with everyone.

Heidi Latham is a minor character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and Skills[]

Heidi is a woman of little words – she is extremely professional and isn’t very social. However, when she is needed, she is fast, efficient and dedicated. She does not socialise much, but she seems to be nice enough, but is very picky. This can make her seem cold, aloof and difficult to work with. Nonetheless, she is not antagonistic.

She is talented at professional photography – whereas pictures in the Bartlett Bindings are quick and for easy publication, Heidi’s work is carefully set out, perfected and in many cases take quite a long time to produce, as she is very picky. She is noted to be the photographer for the ROMP photos, but even in more social instances, she will not let her standards slip.

Appearance and Style[]

Heidi has slightly tanned skin, short dark blonde hair and brown eyes.



Heidi’s family do not respond so well to being in photographs, so they have mixed feelings about her talent.


Heidi tries to maintain amicable relations with most people around A.U., but she does not consider anyone to be an actual friend. Her work is nonetheless popular with the other students.


Heidi prefers to keep her relations personal and does not delve into romantic matters.


Heidi's special spell is that she can pause time, freezing everything around her, by using this spell:

For a minute, from the top, just for now, make time stop!

Heidi Latham