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Some of these students I couldn’t care less to know.
Harvin Harding
Harvin Harding
Harvin Harding.png
Magical Major Computerized Technology
Fashion Ideals I’m not exactly your trendsetter of the week. I don’t vaguely care about impressing anyone with an outfit.
Special Spell I can deactivate anything – just don’t ask me to kill anyone.
Birthday December 11th
Best Friends I don’t exactly need friends, just occasionally test subjects.

Harvin Harding is a minor character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and Skills[]

Harvin is not sociable whatsoever – in fact, he prefers spending his time alone, usually doing something on a computer – in particular the world’s most compact super-computer. He is naturally career-focused, but also sarcastic, cynical and unintentionally humorous.

Harvin has an extremely high IQ and intellect, and is the smartest male student at A.U. He does not lend his smarts to other students’ plots, though if it is used to benefit the magical world he may do.

Appearance and Style[]

Harvin has extremely pale skin, dark brown hair and grey eyes.



Harvin’s family are quite enthusiastic about his intellect – but he finds them quite annoying.


Harvin has amicable relations with Lance Ollison and Dexter Korrick (two of his roommates) and Norah Cardew, but he wouldn’t call any of them his friends.


Harvin does not want a love interest, full stop. Don’t even ask him.


  • Harvin has been described as a polar opposite to Norah Cardew (which links with their spells) as well as a personal favourite of Breanna Burton’s.
  • Harvin is the first male student to not be a love interest or have one.


Harvin's special spell is that he can deactivate anything by using this spell:

Red light on, down you go, deactivate the current flow!

Harvin Harding