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Working this hard certainly requires a coffee. Someone call Dexter.
Gwen Bartlett
Gwen Bartlett
Magical Major Journalism
Fashion Ideals Argyle print, stylish denim and a great face for the papers
Special Spell I can correct bad grammar - which prevents me from being irritated.
Birthday February 8th.
Best Friends My employees are quite cool people.

Gwen Bartlett is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise. 

Personality and Skills[]

Gwen is an eccentric student with an open mind. She is an opportunist and will help out a friend in need, but only if she gets something out of it. She is creative, witty and also very clever, always thinking of ways to make her newspaper the Bartlett Bindings more popular. She is slightly pushy and mainly only cares for profit and fame. She seems to be very kooky, and has an ambition to sell as many newspapers as she can.

She is very skilled at journalism, and has a knack for catching the right stories. She is also an excellent businesswoman, with the right skills to make an idea work, even if it is shrewd and incompetent. She is quite the entrepreneur, and will always take a new opportunity if she fancies it. She also is quite the Grammar Scout.

Appearance and Style[]

Gwen has dark copper tone hair, muted hazel eyes and olive tone skin. She is fond of argyle print.



Her family have odd careers, including her father being an astronaut and her mother being a professional chef.


Gwen is more of a business person but is reasonably on good terms with Sienna Melworth, Dexter Korrick, Nina Tamphery and Helena Corduroy, who are her colleagues. She is also on good terms with Quinn Lawson, who regularly orders newspapers.


Most guys are kind of creeped out by Gwen, mainly because she's always snooping around.


Gwen's special spell is that she can correct bad grammar just by reciting this spell:

"Letter a or letter z, see what grammar it should be!"

Gwen Bartlett