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Greek society is a prominent part of the Absolutely University school routine in the 2013 canon.


In AU, greek society takes place in the form of the different fraternities and sororities on campus, and the events organised by them. The head of greek council is Clara Merston, who is in charge of organising the many events used as part of the greek society, most noteably the Greek Games which is a fundamental part of the society. 

This element of Absolutely University was phased out in the 2016 canon.

List of fraternities and sororities[]


Name Members
Alpha Iota

Brock Ragan

Corbin Tedder

Duane Wiskins

Arden Howen

Upsilon Chi

Lance Ollison

Dexter Korrick

Ronnie Hewer

Harvin Harding

Kappa Theta

Xavier Lynch

Tucker Gray

Nelson Pierce

Brett Wolfe


Name Members
Omega Nu Zeta

Norah Cardew

Marley Leverson

Sienna Melworth

Valeri Sewell

Delta Mu Delta

Talia Hewett

Erin Hart

Dawn Revell

Gwen Bartlett

Alpha Sigma

Priya Watson

Ingrid Tillett

Verity Helbrook

Cassidy Stone

Chi Phi Gamma

Charice Glendale

Emilia Laurent

Nina Tamphery

Helena Corduroy

Zeta Epsilon

Brooke Barton

Wynona Kent

Badalia Fairhurst

Madelyn Welch

Rho Delta Rho

Clara Merston

Orienna Jefferson

Saffron Corlett

Dana Kinder


  • The only noted student to not be in a fraternity or sorority is Quinn Lawson because she is the principal's daughter and sleeps at a bedroom near her office.