Absolutely U. often revolves around the different characters' fashions, as a visual aid to the franchise. 


From the franchise's inception in 2013 to early 2015, the only line to come to fruition would be the Signature line, by means of introducing the different characters of Absolutely U. and displaying their fashions. There was no clear structure to these releases, as they would be uploaded to the wiki at the time of completion along with the characters' page. 

The original outfits were designed by Breanna Burton, but starting in 2014 much of the fashions are put together using the social commerce website Polyvore. From the reboot in 2016 onwards, the outfits are back to being designed only by Burton.

In March 2015, along with the introduction of the Be Undeniable campaign, the franchise began to structure releases better. It released twelve new fashions simultaneously, which included five new Signature characters, and the introduction of the franchise's second fashion line, the 2.0 line, the first time existing characters were given new outfits. This suggests that the franchise will schedule all of its' releases in this way in the future.

There were several different fashion lines planned for 2015 and onwards, which were shelved in favour of the 2016 reboot. In 2016, a new signature line named Introducing was revealed, as well as a new fashion line named #StudySquad.

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