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Now I quite literally have a way of making it blue. 'It' being some kind of canvas.
Erin Hart
Erin Hart
Erin Hart - Welcoming artwork.png
Magical Major Fine Art
Fashion Ideals My style is simplistic yet artistic, but always a la mode.
Special Spell I can change the colour of anything, which helps me edit murals.
Birthday July 14th.
Best Friends Me and Talia Hewett are very good friends.

Erin Hart is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Erin is a kind and down-to-earth student with a warm heart and an artistic view of life. As an artist, she often feels the need to draw and write when she sees something exciting. She is of French-Canadian descent, yet a lot of people think that she is from France. She is also talented at learning languages, as she knows French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Erin is an extremely talented artist, having skills in painting, sketching and even sculpture. She is quite smart, and knows when she is being tricked into an unfair deal. She is also prone to taking things too seriously. She was commissioned by Quinn Lawson to paint her office wall with a mural of the school.

Appearance and Style[]

Erin has caramel coloured hair, gray eyes and pale skin. She often wears turtlenecks and stripes.



Erin's family all had an artistic streak, but their styles mostly clash.


Erin is friends with many people, such as Quinn Lawson and Norah CardewTalia Hewett in particular is Erin’s best friend, as the two bond well even though their interests are stark contrasts.


Erin is a hopeless romantic, but is in a relationship with best friend Talia Hewett.


  • Her birthday, July 14th, is the day of Bastille Day (French National Day)


Erin's spell is that she can change the colour of anything, just by reciting this spell:

"Happy hues or shades of gray, let the colour change it's way!"

Erin Hart