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I'm thankful for my career at the Bindings, but I do wish I got more breaks.
Dexter Korrick
Dexter Korrick
Dexter Korrick.png
Magical Major Journalism
Fashion Ideals My looks aren't made for the papers, since I'm more focused on what's behind the papers.
Special Spell My spell increases positivity levels.
Birthday June 12th.
Best Friends None in particular, but I'm usually there to give some support.

Dexter Korrick is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise

Personality and Skills[]

He is the assistant to Gwen Bartlett. He is more relaxed and carefree than Gwen, and he always looks beyond initial thought. Dexter is kind, intuitive and helpful. He often sneaks off to look at something himself as he believes that opinion is the key to change. He thinks that everyone has potential and always uses his skills to pick the best.

He is skilled at journalism, much like the other writers of the Bartlett Bindings. He always thinks of the right words to use, which can come in handy when somebody needs it. He also is a good tour guide, and introduces the wannabe journalists into the procedures of the paper. He seems to care more for the public than Gwen does.

Appearance and Style[]

Dexter has dark skin, dark brown hair and green eyes.



Not much is known about Dexter’s family except that they approved of Dexter’s career as a journalist.


Dexter is on relatively good terms with his employer Gwen Bartlett. He is good friends with Sienna Melworth, Nina Tamphery and Helena Corduroy as well as Lance Ollison.


Dexter is romantically into Sienna Melworth and they bond during work at the Bindings.


  • Dexter was originally called Miraz.


Dexter’s spell is that he can make anyone feel more positive just by reciting this spell:

Being sad will bring you down, make them smile and turn it round!

Dexter Korrick